I have practically learn how to use yoshi by watching your videos XD and yeah, in this video you do the 4K strategy, and let me tell you, most of the people fall for it, after the 3rd or 4th time they get used to it, but then I do 3K lol, thanks for the help.
you're welcome ^^. hmm tips.. best thing I can think of is his 50/50 mixup. when you're on the offensive duck in front of your opponent to make him think you're gonna 'from crouch 3K' (his low sweep which is actually one of his best moves) if they react by ducking hit them with 4k, B. against good opponents I twitch duck in front them into 4K, then play with the different B charges to avoid just guards if they block the K. hope that helps :)
thanks!!, picked up Yoshi a week ago and he is very cool. I am trying to learn him, I can do a:B+K very easily, its not a 100% guarantee but its at least I can do it at a 60-70% rate, I don't use 2a:B a lot even though I can do it. Any tips?? anything would help, and thanks again!
Artix, you cancel his 8A+B into DF by inputting B+K
Figured. He's the only ZWEI I know/play who uses 1A after 66(A+B). This is very nice
How do you cancel that 8A+B to end up in Manji Dragonfly??
Yes it was. He is one of the best Zwei players I've played online.


Mar 2, 2013 at 12:57 AM
Posted by Enligh10ment
I <3 walls :3
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