YOUTUBE NAB Soul Calibur 5 ptom fix SD PEGI v01

I think the coolest thing about it is that it seems like Soul Calibur tries to possess Sieg in the same way Soul Edge did, but with crystals over his right arm. Then he throws it off in the end too and kills Nightie on his own.
Woah! It's look's like Start of Siegfried Story Mode ^^
The most bad ass Soul Calibur cut scene I have ever seen.....
sexy music is sexy :3
but this is kinda an underwhelming trailer in my opinion.... though it DOES give a decent look as to what story mode will look like.
Hopefully this game actually has a good story mode.
@Fuzzieviking: I know, I know. I liked it, I just liked it more if they included the new characters in it. :P I'm tired seeing SCIV Nightmare.
I kinda wish they'd use some of their moves from in-game in these sequences. I was expecting a CF/CE from Siegfried when he was charging up. Not that I'm complaining though.
Hated the trailer. Stupid waste of time. If there was a "dislike" button, I would click that in a heartbeat.
@Coolmanrico :
Oh thanks for the link.
So Patroklos is aware that a malfested with a ring blade (Tira obviously) was responsible for the loss of his family. I wonder how did he learn that.
Could the area that Siegfried and Nightmare are fighting on be a stage or the final stage? The first scene was on the moonlight stage and it seem Tira, Patroklous and Pyrrah cutscenes take place on the Free Imperial City stage.

Go Siegfried! Lol
I didn't know where to post this or even if this had already been posted, but here is a link to the translated screenshots from story mode that was release last month.
That was so epic... I'm speechless. (eye twitches)
For some reason a huge banana grin came on to my face when NM and sieg started fighting...couldn't stop it.


Dec 6, 2011 at 4:18 PM
Posted by Ninjaguy446
Umm, I'm not sure if I can post this because it's not my youtube but, whatever. It's the new story mode trailer! :D
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