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    Someone PLEASE HELP me with ranked

    Ok, I'm fed up with all the ragequitters, lag abusers and hatemailers of ranked. But I still want that !@#$ing Ezio/D1 trophy. My proposal is: I will have my default side setting to 1p and you can have yours to 2p. We just keep re-searching until we get to match each other. Once we do that...
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    So who won?!?!?!
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    Thanks for playing with me today, Tiamat!
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    Hilde Combo discussion

    Say it isn't so! Has anyone noticed that CH 1 kk will knockdown if the first k misses? I'm trying to find a followup to it but a having trouble
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    someone accept my request to join that facebook group =P
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    Meter Use (BE, GI, CE)

    I've been using mostly GI's or 3BE combo's. Like hussler said, I've been LOVING 6k post GI especially against the wall. Doing C1A after wall splat is just too beautiful to not love =P
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    Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread

    I've only played against one other hilde on PSN and that person was trying to learn them as a secondary character. I know there's more of us out there!
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    Hilde Guard Break Move Info

    it's a very useful guide! I got one for like 25 dollars, I've thought it was money well spent. If for the frame data alone!
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    Do you insult people online after losing to them?

    Get better lol. Then you won't have to be so hateful! I'd report you or put on my do not play again list.
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    Hilde: Video / Feedback Thread

    i'm much more impressed by the viola player lol
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    Hilde top ten moves

    I'm still pretty new to Hilde, but here are the moves I've been using most regularly 66K - fastest mid hitting kick. It's 14 frames and on hit you're at an advantage, but at block, you're at -8 22_88B - combo starter, doesn't track, but amazing whiff punishment. Even on block you're at an...
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    Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread

    I apologize, I'm sorry if I offended, I misunderstood your post.
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    Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread

    CptPuppet, I think if you're having trouble pressing A+B+K, you might need a new controller whoever you play lol. According to the strategy guide, each charge is one second. 1ca is one second 2ca is two seconds 3ca is three seconds 4ca is 15 seconds. Though, I'm curious if those are exact.
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    ATP Soul Calibur 5 Just Guard Tutorial

    What an amazing video! Thanks for uploading :)
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    Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread

    Thanks you two! I did some extra digging and found that level four is 15 seconds now! So that makes it a little better than 30, but that's still 25% of the round. That's a lot of not being able to use that button. The practicality is pretty much nil too I think. I managed to do c4a...