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  • Yeah I agree. So far I like Sierra the most then Erinn. Did you watch Erin's confessionals? She is really good at reading people.
    Lol I don't really watch anime. My avatar is one of my favorite fighting game characters, Millia Rage from Guilty Gear.
    Im hardcore mustang guy. Ive had 7 now. My first I got when I was 14. It was a 66 fastback, hi-po 289 cid, world class five speed, 411 gears in the rear. was the fastest ford in my town at the time. I got it out of an old barn filled with rust. worked on it with my dad for a few years, and put every penny I possibly could into it. I let my brother take it to his prom and he wrapped it around a telephone pole. still a touchy subject for me.

    its nice to see fresh inteligent faces on the forums. If you ever need car advice or help of any kind. hit me up my firend. or even if you just wanna "bench race" im down anytime. are you on xbl. if so hit me up GT is Hot Rod Dave
    lol, i know what you mean. my wish list of cars is about a mile long to. the actual first mid engine american car (that was widely popular) was that damn chevy corvair. they have gone the way of the dodo bird of course but the enigine is still VERY popular in dunebuggy and other dessert toys.

    I have been working on cars my whole life (unfortunatly for me) and it is the only thing i know other than video games. lol with all this new technology coming im really nervous for the future for me. I got my shop bout 3 years ago from a very popular owner out here so I have a really good clientel. But Its like Im 8 years old again and my dad is teaching me the difference between a 9/16 and 1/2 inch wrench. Ill be back at almost square one!
    couldnt help but read what you and impending-doom are talkin bout. FIERO??? FIERO??? oh my god what a horrible idea from GM that was. Sorry thats my opinion. I hate those turds. Pain in the ass to work on (especially to v6 version) pain in the ass to get parts for. Did you know its pretty popular in San diego to get a testarossa body kit and mount it on the damn fiero frame. At first glance it almost looks like a real ferrari. but ONLY at first glance.

    I guess im bias. Im a hardcore mustang/ford guy. (no laughing please) I just am not a GM fan at all. I should rephrase that. I appreciate a nice car no matter what it is. But when it comes to ownership, i gotta go ford. lol

    p.s. I feel the same way about that dam MR2 as I do the fiero!!!! it makes me cringe. Id rather drive a v6 trans
    yeah no kidding. Im thinkin of the whole "big brother" theory that will haunt us from now on. Thats why I drive a 67 mustang, and a 55 crown vic. (hence the name hot rod dave lol)

    the new technology coming isnt all that difficult to work on. Its all the damn diagnostic tools I need to figure it out. Cadilac will be the first with the drive-by-wire stuff. I wont even have to pull tires off to check the brakes. All I have to do is plug in with my scanner it the scanner will tell me all its own. Even if you pulled off the tire you would have to take the calipers of and dissasymble the brakes just to CHECK the pads. Thats gay.
    Lol the AE86 is number 3 behind the MK2 MR2 and an 02 Trans Am. Yes I love Fieros and hate GM. Did you know many people think that GM cancelled the Fiero out of fear that it might hurt their stupid precious Corvette sales. Speaking of Fieros, I almost got an 84 Pace Car Fiero that only had 60,000 and was in great condition. I eventually got a 92 MR2 instead because I would of had to get the Fiero shipped from North Carolina. Oh yeah since we both obviously like Pontiac, do you like the modern GTO? Everyone hates on it but I love them.
    Np, what are friends for? :p

    and ik :( gonna miss that forum lots - let me know when you get MSN please ^-^
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