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  • Well ill be a son of a bitch! this guy....this fuckin guy??
    Whats up Dave? I havent seen ur name in fuckin ages. Good to see ya back man. Hope all is good with ya
    I never got a text! D: Or maybe I didn't have your number and I was like "The FUCK's this?" and deleted it. xD Either that or you don't have my new number.
    DAVE WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? D: I thought we had something SPECIAL, maaaan. lol
    oh i c. i thought maybe you gave up games or something. mine is actually broke down as well. luckily for me, i have a friend with an extra 360 to loan to me until i get it back. otherwise i'd be playing nothing but E-fighter 74.
    aye do you have any tips on how to do iFc a+bb ive noticed you get it everytime and i think it would greatly improve my game cause i get it about half the time
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