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May 12, 2016
Aug 13, 2008
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[10] Knight, from Buffalo, NY

it has begun! Jun 25, 2012

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May 12, 2016
    1. Asaba23
      am I suppose to be trying to impress someone?
    2. Spyrl-9
      Still here.
      Been keeping busy with a rather hectic life. Seems you've been a little busy yourself. Seen some of the Regional tournament thread for the Buffalo area that you seem to be quite active in.
    3. Archangel
      A lot of times trolls don't realize that we've actually met each other in real life. At any rate, I say it's time to stop feeding this one.
    4. TagYouRPregnant
      Didn't ChaCha WIN that online branch tournament to come out on one of the most popular Video Game TV shows to fight all the other 1st place winners from other branches? o_O
      And didn't he also do a flawless commentary at Evo...? Sounds to me like not only is chacha a great player...he's just a beast in general lol.
    5. Azure_Ace_Kid
      Your married? Lol I belived that for almost half a second. And what does she think about her loser husband running around trolling people and going to nerdy tournaments with 5 people?

      Stop lying to yourself, you can't get married to a masterbastion tool... get real. You need to go outside to get married, so I KNOW you just lied about everything. Rofl. Now play online, and if not, then stop talking like your actually good at this game. And stop pretending to fight people when you openly refuse not to play people online. I mean how can you BS people so badly and still pretend you have credability?
    6. ChaCha
      lol someone's butt hurt. But yea fat trolly trash assumes I don't get laid? Eveyone here knows I am married and have been for some time... so draw you own conclusions. Have fun failing at life.
    7. Azure_Ace_Kid
      How often do you get laid? Not much I assume..
    8. Azure_Ace_Kid
      wow you never even played me before.. why lie on the forums?? rofl, n00b

      oh yeah and you even said yourself you dont even play online anymore, so how did you fight me?? XD
    9. RTD
      i just went back to see the Evo stream. excellent commentary!
    10. K1TSCHY
      Awesome job with the live stream at EVO! Your commentary was so precise and entertaining. You were absolutely perfect for the job as an expert on the game. It made me realize I gave up on Soul Calibur 4 way too early. I look forward to a few Broken Destiny matches this fall.
    11. NAOMI
      chacha *hugs

      good times at Evo it was fun chillin with you
    12. Seungcheul
      Dear chacha
      We already reservated Hotel which is located in 5minute distance from Rio. The Name is Gold coast.
      Thank you for your kindness. See you in Vegas chacha! ^0^
    13. NAOMI
      Teehee ^o^!
    14. Seungcheul
      Chacha, I'm really Sorry about ignore your message. I was working, So I couldn't see your message.

      ChaCha, if you have a Windows messinger, please tell me.

      T-T; See you then!
    15. HOMIE
      wassup cha this is homie. i sent you a friend request under my other name so that i'll know when you are on and we can set this up
    16. Spyrl-9
      Thanks for the hospitality this weekend. I'll definately come back some time when I can stay longer. I have alot to learn...
    17. Wolfkrone
      akazukin cha cha cha
    18. ChaCha
      wha??? huh???
    19. Impending_Doom66
      So.............I just noticed you have 6 of 66 friends <_<
      What can I buy with my semi-pure soul?
    20. Impending_Doom66
      If you are ever online anymore, want to have some X matches?
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