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  • If a visual novel is considered a video game, would that make a comic book a board game?
    Seong Mi-na, my original Soul Edge (arcade) main, is back! I'm looking forward to seeing how her playstyle will vary from Kilik.
    Honestly, I'm still kind of skeptical about RE. I do appreciate the RE info and write-ups here on 8WR, though. Thanks to all for sharing.
    ...and now I have a SoulCalibur VI Xianghua header. Neat! (Hmmm... Maybe it will work again.) I wonder if I will win the lottery...
    I wonder if we'll get SC6 character headers for 8WR... Not that I dislike my SC4 Xianghua header, mind you.
    Geralt will fit well into SoulCalibur. His armor break state is well established in the Witcher games.
    Gin, not vodka, obviously, stirred for ten seconds while glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth.
    I used to worry about the coming darkness. Now I just worry about Reversal Edge.
    The more I sort it out, the more it gets distorted. I sort of think I'm better off just leaving it unsorted.
    Sometimes things are just pre sorted.
    Apologies are in high demand. To meet that demand, many have supplied apologies. With the increased supply, their value has diminished.
    I just can't get into 2D fighter gameplay anymore. Unfortunately, it seems to be nearly the only stuff produced now. Oh well. I had my fun.
    I think I'm done with The Pretentious Arcade Report. I value the opinions and insights of gamers over sanctimonious "game journalists".
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