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  • sigh...its only been one wk since trying SCV. Want to play it again...>.< The wait for next loketest is killing me...
    Lol, back then that was a pic ripped from the arcade. Rip sc.com also wish those old players return.
    If u see the vids Trace and Alex3D putup, Tira new combos and BE look amazing. Btw u getting ps3 or 360?
    yeah i did, and yeah they were pretty cool. using jolly 66B has never been more useful. in my premature opinion, her BEs are giving her the push from low-tier. im going to stick with the 360. for some reason i find it hard to use the d-pad on ps3 and the analog stick is hard to adjust to.
    It was KD on CH. Linear but fast. Lol I dunno Wat I'm doing with tira. Only saving grace she was similar to SC4
    thanks for the heads up man. hope youre well. i havnt been played my xbox ever since i got the RROD at the start of the year. i asked engared on the stream if you could use tira, since youre the only person i know who is familiar with her. SCV should be fun, i can properly join offline sessions and tourneys (hopeful). starting fresh. tc
    Thanks for playing Tira during the live stream Davo.


    During a match you performed Tira's 236K(i think) in BE. i didnt fully see it though, because it was quick. did you notice any properties that the move had. its the move that looked like she was spinning her ring repeatedly while she was crouch diving.
    hey davo,are you going to the SCV event at melbourne?i was just wondering,because youre from australia right?
    Well there are a few players that can play with me on 4 bar connection. But the rest is 3 bar mostly. Online sucks even at 5 bars, though. But it's good for getting matchup experience =P
    Ill be getting a Ps3 slim. How is Calibur online? Where u able to play with the americans?
    Are you getting PS3? I'm holding the last spot on my friend list for you =p I hope Sony will increase the number of people you can have on your list though, because 100 is definitely not enough.
    yo, its fine. ppl coming over it happens. :) Specy has very direct weapons like Raiden and once he is far far away Raiden has to go to him. And his LW comes in hand to shield him temporarily from Raiden's laser. There were a couple of times where i should have lost but the Orb killed u faster. :P Ive played online for quite a bit, and there a lot of those players who sit there and played 1K-2K matches and only lost like 200-300 which is amazing.... Ya cya sometime!!
    Hey Davo,

    Sorry about the abrupt end to tonight's session. Had to pretty much drop everything.
    But yeah don't take my silence during online sessions as anything; it just takes me forever to type on that thing =) I plan to either get a messenger controller or a netbook soon so game messages should be easier then.

    Man Nuru wasn't kidding. Your Specy is damn good. Couldn't trap you at all :D

    Catch you next time.

    thats the Xmas Ivy wallpaper I got from the web. I can send it to u via email.
    Hey is there a bigger version of your profile pic/avatar somewhere? Darn, your avatars are always so cool xD
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