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  • It's been long enough, I bet you quit SC4 now, yur sooooooo rusty now there's no way you could come back... Incase you're interested I have all of Tira's data... But 2 years Hobo? just delete this account already...
    1st off, this is my "hang with my family" weekend. The kids and I are gonna play some candy land, and some chess, and watch movies and shit. so i might not be around tonight.

    2nd thing........Its your fuckin b-day.....what do you want some kind of birthday card, that says "best wishes, happy b-day" blah blah fuckin blah.....

    NOBODY CARES YOU FLAMING HOMO. go jump off something really high!!!

    j/k its your birthday......congrats

    (i make it a point to not say the words "happy birthday". I have no reasoning for this, its just me!!)

    love you like a fat kid loves cake
    that was one of the best sc4 moments of my life. that wouldve made a sick ass avatar!!!

    yoshi bitch slap that "True love" homo!!
    I thought thats how you were doing it, I guess I just gotta work on the timing. I was tired anyway so I didnt try to hard.
    sorry bout last night. my internet took a shit right after you got bitch slapped out of you questionalble raph move.

    after trying to reset routers and modems and calling cox to no avail. I went into training and tried that maxi combo you were doind.

    after GB 44 A+B, you come out with RC A and get em on the way down or when they hit the ground. How the hell did you do that??
    I'm not sure if you were serious, but I'll say thanks anyway, heh.
    And 4K is a travesty, except against those who shake it.
    LOL thanks... it was giving to me by Jaxel after a bunch of us were at his place watching some old school kung fu flick...
    that was hilarious what you did to felix. I was standing right uner him and I watched his body go flying off the side of the building. I laughed so hard I pooped a little.

    they changed the tanks health to 6000 instead of 4000 so you were right there. I just got my l4d addiction back to. that was fun as hell last night!!
    Uh to anyone here who is interested, my SC4 activity has been diminished significantly in the past few days, and will continue to do so, I hope to have the issue causing this resolved soon.

    And to AMillionHP and anyone else who plays L4D I intend to begin playing that game again very soon as well (the announcement of the free download has me all gooey.)
    Hey man, how is it going? I haven't played with you in a while. We'll have to get some matches in the future. I noticed a while back that you have left 4 dead, do you still play that? If so, we should play that too.
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