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    CES SCVI Thread

    I know right? Dealbreaker, preorder cancelled.
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    CES SCVI Thread

    Understood, thanks for all the info, it’s greatly appreciated.
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    CES SCVI Thread

    Yeah I’d be interested in a more extreme test case, like 2KB on block. Could you try having Mitsu GI after his 2KB is blocked and make sure that doesn’t work, that you still get guaranteed damage?
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    CES SCVI Thread

    Thanks for the updates Futabot! Some of this reactionary negativity is silly. I’m not really seeing anything that sounds that bad. I’m excited about soul charge, it sounds cool. The throws are going to take some getting used to, but do still sound like a true 50/50 against good players...
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    CES SCVI Thread

    Just curious on a couple things with Mitsu: - Can you tell if 2KB knocks down on normal hit if you’re soul charged? Curious if SC adds properties like that. - Are moves that were cancellable before still cancellable now, like 66A+B~G? - Are mist/relic A+B or B+K? Oh and on throws, if...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    Relic! <3 I’m surprised how hype it feels just watching Mitsu gameplay and trying to guess what they’re gonna do with him. It makes me so happy!
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    GUTS 4 New Englands 3 Day FGC Event

    Looks like SC2 is at 5pm Saturday. Anybody else planning to go?
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    GUTS 4 New Englands 3 Day FGC Event

    I'm there, I've been excited about this since you mentioned it at Terrificon. Do you know what day SC2 is going to be? I hope Goofus is there, I want revenge for that legendary beatdown at FSAK, haha.
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    EVO 2016 Side Tournaments

    Heh I signed up for Evo basically in the hope that someone would run an SC2 tournament, so thanks for running it. I'll be there.
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    [Jun 27, 2015] Summer Smash 2 MD/VA/PA Smash/MKX/SC5 Event (hagerstown, MD)

    Rare, low level, and poorly attended. My last attempt to organize a tournament was actually at Valley Mall. One of the locals booked the conference room, and I got a bunch of my old crew, including really strong players like JasonL, to come out. The locals played some casuals, gave up, and...
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    [Jun 27, 2015] Summer Smash 2 MD/VA/PA Smash/MKX/SC5 Event (hagerstown, MD)

    Woah tourney near Valley Mall, that brings back memories. I would have been so hype for this in 2006!
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    Summer Jam 9

    I think I should be able to make this, especially since I can't make Evo this year, and I live pretty close to Philly now. Super excited for SC2!
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    Tekken 7 is a thing...

    Yay, sounds like throws are easier to break - all normal throws can be broken with 1 or 2! As a player that sucks at breaking throws, I approve of this change!
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    [Dec 5, 2014] Northeast Championship VX Anniversary - 12/5 - 12/7 (Essington Pa)

    There's some chance I'll make it to this. It's far, but it is a pretty good weekend. If I do come, I'll try to drag Piggy along, and throw in some kind of pot bonus for SC2HDO.
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    EVO 2014 Results

    I was only there for like half of one day, but it was a great time. I never got a chance to play SC2 at Evo back in the day, so it was pretty cool to finally get the chance. Thanks to everyone that made it happen! BlueBoy (And the rest of the TOs): Thanks for all the work you guys put in...