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    Yusei's Creations

    You actually gave me some ideas for a character of mine. Keep on sharing.
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    Quite a bit of Mi-na customs I like. Keep on sharing. I can't really critique all of them plus the other stuff. You make almost as much CAS as VILARCANE. So I usually assume if I see a few of them that are good, I leave it at that.
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    Messing in fashion

    And with that, farewell. 2B waves bye. Lizardman: Hey what about my story?! 2B:..... Lizardman: I'll go cry in the corner now...
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    Messing in fashion

    Last but certainly not least is Suzume Takahashi. She's also an old CAS of mine I made a redo on. Although she uses Talim style, she's not really a fighter per say. What I'm showing is a fair maiden who you want to protect. Shy, submissive, kind, gentle, girly, and finally lovely. The kind every...
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    Messing in fashion

    Next up, the real knight in rugged armor Sander Jaeger. His personality is that of a knight of honor but also a hot blooded fighter. No further explanation needed....except he has a crush on Caitlin. Then he's a helpless romantic in an one-sided relationship. Sad. Design inspiration. Ike, Zhao...
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    Messing in fashion

    This next one is a pop idol type. She is very popular, but certain men take interest in her friends(Caitlin, Mi-sun, and Suzume) more which pisses her off. Her name is Meilin Chen. She is daughter of a famous martial artist. Though she can pull her own, she's a spoiled brat living in her...
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    Messing in fashion

    Next up is probably my weakest attempt at making a modern kung fu fighter. However, I'm gonna keep improving him. His name is Howard Liu. A bro who is fired up yet a family man. Before he goes home to be a family man, he must work out to stay fit to protect his 2 year old daughter. Design...
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    Messing in fashion

    An oldie CAS of mine remixed into something new. Mi-sun Yi is now half black and half korean. She doesn't have any korean features, but she will get some korean fashion put on her later. For now, she's a simple mercenary who is friends with Caitlin Rose, Suzume Takahashi, and Meilin Chen. She's...
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    Messing in fashion

    Next up, Lance Catcher. I'll have to admit this design turned out nicer than I thought. Lance is an inventor, somewhat otaku, a real boy, a struggler, an overlooked ball of talent. Basically he's every good yet not confident male character in every anime. His pun everyone says is Lance Catch...
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    Messing in fashion

    Next up, is Sabine as many peers call her due to her beauty that's like an elf. Her true name is Caitlin Rose. She's a thief hunter. Someone who steals to live and hunt to survive. She however has dignity and honor which means she's kind of a female Robin Hood. Design inspiration is obviously...
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    Messing in fashion

    This is long overdue, but here I am. SCVI CAS. I just got the game, so don't expect much. Thanks to SpellcraftQuill and a few others, I too have a story to tell. The title is Ancient Winds, and I'll make another thread for it. It's a lot to tell, but let's stick to showing off some characters...
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    Platinum Pippa's Lackluster CaS Characters!

    Strength is strength. He's stereotypical, but coherent enough to like. Good job. Electric golem feels more like some yellow armored dude. When I read golem I immediately thought big heavy hitter like Strength. I also thought if he's some dude powered by electric, he should probably look it...
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    Alexandra's SCVI CaS Showcase

    Alexandra. I'm impressed. The designs are good. Granted some need coherence, but CAS is like cooking. So keep at it.
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream