Time to ride the waves


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Greetings I'm TsunamiBye. I used to go by Pocky-Yoshi for those who knew me longer, but figured it's time for a change. Time for a fresh start to post cas for awhile and to do one last hoorah before I kick the bucket.

Reflect on the past, to get to the present, to prepare for the future, and be happy in eternity.

I'll post my link to my old cas thread later on, but just know I'm posting cas for two purposes.

1. Enjoy the online fellowship of cas posters like me. Let's not get too invested online however. You guys got lives too.

2. My OCs need to look coherent and decent enough. Reason is confidential for now.

Pleased to meet you 8wayrunners again.

Rusted Blade

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Welcome back Yoshi/Tsunami! I'm looking forward to any new content you have to share! I hope the kick the bucket commentary isn't too literal/expected any time soon, but it's good to have you back in any event.