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    [Montreal, QC, Canada] [ENG/FR] [Active] Soul Island, It Ain't Safe. MTLSC: (SCV & SCII)

    Welcome to the OFFICIAL 8WayRun Montreal Thread! Due to me being very active on the SoulCalibur side and the 1st Montreal thread having to much dead accounts(Update the new venue also is needed), it's a must do! This thread will be mainly for information & ask\respond to any question posted...
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    [Toronto, Ontario, Canada] SOULCALIBUR 6 era edition

    If Toronto ever make a SoulCalibur 2/5/6 monthly, Im down to travel more there. (I just Want to be Hell of Active) Sadly i still dont see any Soulcalibur Side Tournament after Winter Brawl And im pretty low on money to travel for Evo Japan due to time. (too damn early)
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    [Montreal, Quebec, Canada] Reincarnation

    We are Reviving this Scene! lets start now! Soul Calibur 6 will be our trophy, lets start now