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  • I plan to but I was in a room today with some friends and I'm not going to waste my hour of freetime on that ass especially with those gay ass messages he sent me. I'm completely free this weekend if that ass wants to go first to ten.
    I'm not the one who goes around talking trash about everyone like you do and then you just whine your ass off if you lose.
    You just proved my point, lol. Why are you telling me it sucks at night again when I already reminded you about that? Oh to Hell with it. You're just a fucking noob anyway, lol.

    I am sick and tired of trying to even talk with you about this since you're such an immature little brat, you're not willing to listen to what anyone has to say. You're so naive, you know that? You think you're right about everything and just degrade people to make yourself feel better.

    Fine. Have it your way. Since my words aren't getting through that thick skull of yours, let us see if my blade will.

    I challenge you!
    Dude are you fucking retarded I said my connection sucks at night in.....wait for it....Hawaii dumb fuck. I was six hours behind you so when it's night in Hillbilly Hell Alabama doesn't mean it's night in Hawaii.

    Also what the hell cheap tactics are you talking about?

    Maybe you're the cheap dumbass. I mean you actually ridiculed someone for beating you with basic attacks and then called them a low level scrub. They didn't use enough "flashy" shit so they obviously suck.

    And a connection is between two people I have never seen someone so stupid as to think one person could see 5 bars while the other would see 1 because one has a crappt connection. The bars you see are more like an average but I'm not going to argue with a brick wall again.

    Go fuck yourself you peice of shit!
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