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  • Hey, I'm afraid we can't even connect... I have got an extremely stubborn connection. It won't let me play with like 50% of PSN players =( last time I wanted to play with Djlutin, he invited me but I couldn't join (typical network error/failed to connect message). Then I noticed, that your name appeared on the "players met" list, so I'm guessing you were in that session :p it won't hurt to try again though.
    ahah not really I don't remember all my random online matches
    but if you play maxi that's no a surprise I don't understand that character too well

    lets play again then
    heh, thought i recognised the name, wanna play more some time? the connection didnt seem dreadful and i need to get more practice in agsint the people you have listed, especaillly voldo and amy. :D
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