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    Yun-Seong General Discussion

    Alright, get me in the know. How to use Yun-seong... in my opinion his lack of strings and mixups are compensated by his abiltiy to soulcrush and i believe he has more guardbreaking moves then most others so learn them
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    newbie questions

    well this is embrassing iv been play sc since i was 11 ..but i need to know what move is what ...i dont understand this number stuff i get the letter stuff like a b g k etc but i dont under stand this 44k or 6B can anyone plz explain to me thanx
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    What Are You Listening To?

    slipknot-psychosocial metallica - the day that never comes korn - blind acoustic version
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    Aside from Soul calibur or any other fighters.

    i mostly play fighting games but when im not im playing rpgs for the most part right now im playing mario kart wii guitar hero 3 i dunno why i play this game cuz i play guitar in real life final fantasy XII(12) unreal tournament 3
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    [San Antonio, TX] Home of the Mashers

    im thinking about going to the houston regionals in feb of 09 i hear winners will get free trips to sbo or something like that
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    [San Antonio, TX] Home of the Mashers

    no im not new to sa iv been living here all my life lol... i wish i could go but i'll be busy moving to new place in sa i also would need a car to get to dallas too... im screwed in two ways lol....
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    [San Antonio, TX] Home of the Mashers

    shoot iv been playin sc since it was first called soulblade anyone know of local sa tournys ? cuz i liked to enter just for fun . lizardman cheap? everyone is