soul calibur 4

  1. ablu

    does anyone have soulcalibur 4 install file for xbox 360

    i really need the install file because my xbox 360 made a circle on the disc
  2. Kai_lombax

    My CAS from SC3 & SC4

    Just thought I'd share some of my old characters I made from back in the day for Soul Calibur 3 & Soul Calibur 4 but I also included a video where I showcase some of my characters from Soul Calibur 5 as well. I have tried having some continuity with the characters I made adapting and updating...
  3. K

    Darth Vader linscence transfer

    I'm looking for someone willing to liscence transfer with me for the Darth Vader DLC. I will only download this dlc. In return, I will liscence transfer with you giving you access to all of my games.