does anyone have soulcalibur 4 install file for xbox 360


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i really need the install file because my xbox 360 made a circle on the disc
Sorry to hear it bud. Even if somebody had the file I dunno if we can give you the file directly, we try to stay above the board here and Namco might frown on that as a form of piracy. I don't think we need that kind of trouble. Hope you understand. However, I can tell you from past experience that a game installed from the disk needs a disk to start, so that's essentially a form of drm and even a damaged disk can start a game you've installed to your hard drive. If you could rent the game somewhere, you could install it from that disk and then just use yours to start it. Alternatively you could probably buy the game without too much hassle or cost. It's older and it was popular, probably a lot of copies out there.

Eight bucks for instance from gamestop.


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ok thats fine i was willing to gameshare to get the file but thats fine thanks for the tip i will rent the game instead