1. End Step

    New to Competitive Scene

    Hey all, My name is Eleanor, also known as End Step in whatever game I’m playing. My primary experience is with SC2,3, and 5. Generally main Taki/Natsu, with a secondary Kilik/Xiba/Mina. Finally buying a PS4 to play SCVI, since that’s what everybody is on right now. My actual profession is as...
  2. ArcticKomodo

    Taki’s Top 10 Attacks

    After playing the game for several matches across several events I think it’s time to make a list of what I consider Taki’s best moves. Feel free to comment your own top 10s. -BA “Taki’s standard pressure tool, jails on block, additional pressure through PO” -Wake Up B+K (Fast as Fuck Reverse...
  3. FenrisZero

    Let's End This; Taki Punishment Thread

    Placeholder until we get final build's frame data.
  4. FenrisZero

    Taki General Discussion / Bombs Away

    Go Ninja Go Ninja Go! Dis-cuss Dis-cuss Be-low!
  5. FenrisZero

    The Way of the Ninja; Taki Combos

    Natural Combos Counter Hit Combos Wall Combos