1B Ring's out???


Okay I have a task for you bored Astaroth players. I had an online session with my homie Xephukai this morning.

The events that follow as I can remember them are this.
I was eating a lot of 4[A+B] on wake-up, to which Xeph followed up with 1B for when I stayed grounded.

Now 1B rung me out on the starwars stage with the moving walls, except no walls were involved in this incident. I was dead center in between them. After eating a 4[A+B] I believe near the edge, I got up and ate a 1B that rung me out. Fuck namco for removing replays. I recalled a red flash which indicated to me that it was maybe on counter hit. Both me and Xeph had never seen that before.

I just went in practice, and sent the dummy near the edge and tried a few counter hit options, but I couldn't recreate 1B ringing out. And that red flash isn't as bright as I remember it.

So can you guys run some tests to see if you recreate this incident. I know I will.

It was Asta vs Zass on the starwars stage with the moving walls.


Oh yeah it works at a very specific angle.
KrayzieCD reports that he did it too online against a Kilik. Lol too random.


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i have an idea...but i'll test it later on today. I think i can explain why that happens...if so...you will be posted...

and yes...i've seen this also


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I just did some testing.

It works on Normal Hit.
And I found a way to reproduce this quite reliable on certain characters an stages.

On The Castle,Labyrinth or Garden Stage.
Push the opponent to the right edge.
Then step 4, 8, 6 then do 1B.
Wait until the opponent gets up.
Push him to the edge again and do 1B. *Voila* Ring Out.

I made a short video of this

I doesn't work on Rock but it works against Sieg, Cerv and Nm as well but the angle is a bit different.
and it also works on the round plateau stages but I haven't found a way to do it reliably.