2A Trades and your Frames/Options


[14] Master
Let's face it, people love their 2A and many players squeeze it whereever they can, especially at negative frames, this is a list of moves that frames and/or properties change when your attack clashes with a standard i13 2A. So keep that mind. Also, when most horizontal clash with a 2A, both attacks deflect off one another and you are both reset to neutral. Many moves are omitted because they are high attacks and get tech crouched from the 2A.

I am aware many of these trades aren't exactly practical but here is the list!

3A = -4
2A = Clash animation (0)
WR A = Clash animation (0)
B = -2
3B = No real change
2B = -2
1B= No more combos here, opponent is knocked down though.
WR B (Can someone find a way to test this?)
6K2 = +3 (Yes you read that correctly)
3K = +8
2K = -6
1K = Same combos work, you just have less time.
4K = +6
WR K = No real change
2A+B = Beats out the 2A in priority.
66A = Clash animation (0) You can also do 66AB to muscle through the clash but the crossbow bolt is blockable as the opponent recovers too quickly.
44A = Clash animation (0) However, you are now in back turned.
66B = +16 stun. You will be in full crouch due to the clash, for meterless damage opt for a WR K combo or CE with meter.
44B = Beats out the 2A in priority.
44K = +20 stun. Use 3B for meterless damage (80) or CE (109)

I did not test moves from 8WR however seeing as the means to test them are very tedious given the 10 frame start up window on movement, if you can find moves negative enough for certain moves, please share and contribute to the list!