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[08] Mercenary
This may seem like a silly question... but I'm looking for stats/opinions with this 'option' I guess.
Is it quicker to 2B+KG for the stun at tip? Is it safer that say 11_77B? It seems quicker ((2B+KG)). Less Damage, but you can still grab the tip stun into 6K or 66A+B for comparable damage and you don't have the little hop that indicates 11_77B.

I was just hoping for thoughts from you guys.
I like it so far...

EDIT: I knew I wanted to say more. But after 2B+KG 6K in the sweet spot it'll launch, then I usually throw out a 6AK ((which totals out to +/-50 dmg at the end)) just because it's quick, or the 6K will likely kick them out a good distance away. Unless you hit the 'sour spot' where it doesn't seem to kick them out that far at all. I dunno. Thoughts?


[08] Mercenary
2B+K is NC(enemy down)

2B+K on hit > 3A+B/1A+B is all side tech trap,
If enemy no tech > 8/9B+KB4B is a combo and you will have a BT mixup again
After 3/1A+B tech trap success, you will have a mixup again even you enemy broke your 3/1A+B.
The hardest things is......
You must know how to make your 2B+K get hit....

Yes you can cancel but it's too easy to idenifity...
At least a free mixup coming for you if your 2B+KG on block...


[10] Knight
Khent, really?

This was known like in September man.

I talked about this with Lau and Yuan and harped on it a lot when the game was practically new. I thought this was common knowledge already.

Post-GI 2B+K on hit > pogo hops for lots of damage.

11B > pogo hops.

FC1KK hit on tip stuns > pogo hop.

There are others too.
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