33B A is BEAST!!


[09] Warrior
I don't know the frame data, but the second hit is safe, raph 6BB safe.
Second hit is gi able BUT it can't be interruptedand gi's can be punished after cancelling, and cancelling can't be punished on reaction, only in advance.
The way I see the options need to be respected. People need to choose block, gi
But if the block too much you can cancel into throw, and if you cancel too much they can interrupt, and if they try to interrupt you can continue the string, etc.


[14] Master
Second hit is steppable to one side. CCW I think, though I don't remember for sure.
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[08] Mercenary
If you just do 33B you can combo into more damage and then you can mix it up by actually finishing the string.
33B into 66B