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Discussion in 'General Discussion Lounge' started by ShadowFox, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. ShadowFox

    ShadowFox [09] Warrior

    Making this because I cant quote everything that comes across in there cause FLASHCHAT SUX. Now then.

    [BeefyLoveLord]: The important thing is that Hilde forgives Seigfried, and gives him the baby making
    eyes afterward.

    [AkazukinChaCha]: fox
    [AkazukinChaCha]: you are wrong, mina won the major of my heart
    [AkazukinChaCha]: that is important
    [ShadowFox2k]: LOL
    [ShenOu]: That's why nobody USES her
  2. ChaCha

    ChaCha [10] Knight

    Oh man, why didn't someone do this earlier? There have been so many priceless quotes in there :(
  3. KowtowRobinson

    KowtowRobinson [10] Knight

    Shen Ou yelling IMAGINARY ASIAN SUPPORT BEAAAAAMMMMUUUUU during SB3 updates about Wing Zero was pretty hilarious, lol.
  4. ShardZ

    ShardZ [09] Warrior

    mein sig
  5. lobo
    • Senior Moderator

    lobo Luminario

    yeah my sig as well.

    posted by rigel after i made some horrible joke about pedo-girlfriends and whiskey and cocaine.
  6. Jlikew00t

    Jlikew00t [09] Warrior

    There was some great banter between Ou and Tag earlier too. Aw snap. Keep this thread stickied. I got a feeling it's going to get alot of posts :D
  7. KowtowRobinson

    KowtowRobinson [10] Knight

    [IdleMind] 8:41 pm: Lets tackle three issues at once, binding extra A's to Serges cock should be banned with bubbles.
     [KowtowRobinson] 8:41 pm: lol I'm not binding anything to serge's cock
  8. Jlikew00t

    Jlikew00t [09] Warrior

    [Serge2HOT4U] 2:09 am: kowtow i can be chip, tidus can be dale and u can be monterey jack
    [KowtowRobinson] 2:09 am: serge I'm not engaging in group gymnast furry sex with you
  9. ZenXacred

    ZenXacred [09] Warrior

    [AkazukinChaCha] 2:02 pm: the best kind of rage is where you get all red faced and scream with range then run over to someone's desk..AND........tip over their jar of pencils gentley
    [Sacharja] 2:02 pm: those pencils are not to be fucked with
    [AkazukinChaCha] 2:03 pm: thats how you rage man'
    [AkazukinChaCha] 2:03 pm: they never see it coming
    [OuTk@sT] 2:03 pm: who the fuck has a jar of pencils?
    [RiBu] 2:03 pm: my pencils are made of guns
    [AkazukinChaCha] 2:03 pm: once you do that, they have to respect your instability
    [OuTk@sT] 2:03 pm: They'll never make eye contact again :P
    [AkazukinChaCha] 2:04 pm: how about you get red faced, scream and then RUN TO THE CLOSET AND GRAB A LINT BRUSH, AND LINT BRUSH YOUR PANTS!!!! .....AGGRESIVELY!
    [OuTk@sT] 2:04 pm: Do you rage alot?
    [ZenXacred] 2:04 pm: ...did something traumatizing happen to your pencils, Rek?
    [Rekano] 2:05 pm: you know how long I had those mother fuckers?
    [Rekano] 2:05 pm: in that fucking jar
    [OuTk@sT] 2:05 pm: you had em since they where little saplings?
    [ZenXacred] 2:05 pm: they grew there


    [8WayRun.Com]: IdleMind has entered at 2:52 pm
    [OOFMATIC] 2:52 pm: CY you should make a list of who has balls or not and post it in the strat section
    [emo_prinny] 2:52 pm: hahahaha
    [ZenXacred] 2:52 pm: he's studying the characters' ball pattern
    [Sacharja] 2:52 pm: his testicles are easy
    [8WayRun.Com]: IdleMind has left at 2:52 pm
    [emo_prinny] 2:52 pm: i expect a detailed analysis of all the women of SC balls
    [CrazyYoshimitsu] 2:52 pm: where should i post this at matic?
    [Sacharja] 2:52 pm: totally made him leave
  10. Rekano

    Rekano :O

    Sophie's Vag is a portal to another universe.

  11. KowtowRobinson

    KowtowRobinson [10] Knight

    Oh god him and his Shawn Johnson fetish, hahahahah.
  12. Tidus_Crescent

    Tidus_Crescent [09] Warrior

    [Jaxel] 1:12 am: I dont want no sloppy seconds... a man's gotta have standards
    [Tidus_Crescent] 1:12 am: Dude she'll suck ur dick even if u say no
    [Tidus_Crescent] 1:13 am: so no jaxel u wont get away from her sluttiness
    [Klizza] 1:13 am: If she tried that on me, she'd lose some teeth
    [Klizza] 1:13 am: Then serge would be like yooooo gumjob
  13. ShenOu

    ShenOu [10] Knight

    o(-< ^.^ >-)o
  14. mikosu

    mikosu Goderator of pink hearts

    I quote myself cuz I'm that awesome.

    "Well you see last night I caught Ou spankin' it. No use denying it, to wing_zero he's crankin' it."
  15. Jlikew00t

    Jlikew00t [09] Warrior

    Mikosu > Lupe no doubts

    Needs more cardboard box references though.
  16. ShadowFox

    ShadowFox [09] Warrior

    [Rigel] 1:59 pm: because i only do what the cool kids do
    [Rigel] 1:59 pm: smoke
    [Rigel] 1:59 pm: run red lights
    [Rigel] 1:59 pm: steal stop signs
    [Rigel] 1:59 pm: serve liquor to minors
    [AkazukinChaCha] 2:00 pm: why stop with liquor rigel? why not slip ruffies to minors?
    [Rigel] 2:00 pm: well the cool people haven' caught onto that trend yet
  17. ShadowFox

    ShadowFox [09] Warrior

    o] 3:18 pm: Mike: you have some vids up on Youtube yet?
    [wing_zero] 3:18 pm: haven't seen any yet
    [8WayRun.Com]: microgamer has entered at 3:18 pm
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:18 pm: nope
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:18 pm: havent played sc4 in a while either
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:19 pm: like a month+
    [wing_zero] 3:19 pm: why not? real life stuff?
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:19 pm: not really
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:19 pm: mostly deciding to play melty blood actress again
    [wing_zero] 3:20 pm: MBAA = OBMM
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:20 pm: ?
    [wing_zero] 3:20 pm: I meant OBMF
    [wing_zero] 3:20 pm: OBMF = One button Mash Fest
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:20 pm: ???
    [ShadowFox2k] 3:20 pm: LOL\
  18. ShenOu

    ShenOu [10] Knight

    [ShenOu] 1:31 am: Apparently the word for mussels and the word for vagoo in mexican (or was it
    spanish) is the same.. "Churros"
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:32 am: nothing will compare to a good vag
        [ShenOu] 1:32 am: and they are nicknamed the "Vaginas of the Sea"
    [Demarcus] 1:32 am: wow
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:32 am: :O
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:32 am: I love churros
        [ShenOu] 1:32 am: Shadow: You need to share that good vag then.
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:32 am: They're yummy
    [TagYouRPregnant] 1:32 am: Well churros in mexico are these sweet breadded treats
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:32 am: YES THERE IS
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:32 am: not a salty,nasty vagina
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:32 am: I MADE IT
    [Demarcus] 1:32 am: lol like 3 gigs worth ( no live and looking at churros)
    [BeefyLoveLord] 1:32 am: I think I'm in the first post on that!
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:33 am: yes you are
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:33 am: and you're in my sig again
        [Rekano] 1:33 am: don't stain your huggies mother fucker! - Xbox Live Quote
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:33 am: Lol
    [Demarcus] 1:33 am: I'mma put on wikipedia that Churros are Vaginas
        [ShenOu] 1:33 am: Yes I've had Churros before.. all 3 kinds.
    [BeefyLoveLord] 1:33 am: woo! 2nd day back in flashchat after WoTLK came out and I vanished, and I'm
    already dropping winning quotes again
    [Demarcus] 1:33 am: *4 kinds
        [Rekano] 1:33 am: Cherrios are in Vaginas!? WHAT!?
    [Demarcus] 1:34 am: pretty much, they make em smell nice
        [Rekano] 1:34 am: brings new meaning to pissing in your cereal
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:34 am: Didnt they make a cereal that looks like vaginas?
    [BeefyLoveLord] 1:34 am: I'm beginning to think you've all scared krit away
    [Demarcus] 1:34 am: actually it does
    [Demarcus] 1:34 am: lmfao
    [Demarcus] 1:34 am: HONEY NUT CHERRIOS
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:34 am: Really
        [Rekano] 1:34 am: well Im laughing now
    [emo_prinny] 1:34 am: honey nut vagina-o's?
        [TagYouRPregnant] 1:34 am: ?
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:34 am: http://www.8wayrun.com/f15/flashchat-logs-t1060/
        [Rekano] 1:34 am: LOL
    [ShadowFox2k] 1:34 am: do work people!
    [Demarcus] 1:35 am: They can never get cherrios to be a perfect circle they have to be oval and look like

    Work Done.
  19. ShadowFox

    ShadowFox [09] Warrior

    [Rekano] 12:48 pm: I don't date females, I just buy them. *sad*
    [kryonik] 12:49 pm: this is pretty lame even for a flash chat
    [Demarcus] 12:49 pm: No
    [BeefyLoveLord] 12:49 pm: your face is pretty lame.
    [Demarcus] 12:49 pm: YOUR LAME
    [mikosu] 12:49 pm: OMG u're mixed!
    [BeefyLoveLord] 12:49 pm: OOOOoooohhhh
    [PANDA510] 12:49 pm: LOL
  20. Dreamkiller

    Dreamkiller Equal Sign Slash

    This had me rolling for some reason. lol.

    [Dullyanna] 4:09 pm: Lizards don't belong in historical weapon fighters.
        [mikosu] 4:09 pm: Yoshi no SA FIX suru no kai?
    [HajimeOwari] 4:10 pm: All Lizardmans should banned, with the exception of the holy Lizardman.
    [Dreamkiller] 4:10 pm: sign
    [OOFMATIC] 4:10 pm:     
    [Dreamkiller] 4:10 pm: haha
    [Alex.J] 4:10 pm: oh the lizard pope?
    [Alex.J] 4:10 pm: ok
    [Alex.J] 4:10 pm: i like those rules
    [HajimeOwari] 4:10 pm: Yes.
    [Clavaat] 4:10 pm: D:
    [RiBu] 4:10 pm: I think everyone has a lizardman pope
    [OOFMATIC] 4:10 pm: too much Lizardhate
    [Dullyanna] 4:10 pm: The papal Lizard is awesome.

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