8WAYRUN Members Picture Thread


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So I found myself digging through this thread finally since well never. But umm... I'm curious what one person looks like who I never really saw before but I heard she was cute. Excuse me for being blunt but Tag Ms. Thread owner...

I'm curious if you don't mind.


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I dont really know what it the purpose of this thread but since I love taking pic here some of me ^^


I will upload more in the future


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Been a while since I posted a pic of meself!
So here's an update! Me and my friends went to this Japanese style arcade called Round One in Puente Hills Mall in Cali during West Coast Warzone.
We found this japanese style photo booth and we just HAD to take pics! So here's one! :)



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Hey, there aren't people fawning over Amy! I demand it so that I may play the role of the dissenter while fawning over her myself. =D


i think "fawn" is a key part of your statement.

well, guess i'll add a blurry double-photo that i took with my sisters.


blurred camera phones make me so much prettier!


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Awww. Cute pics for both Amy and lobo. And yes Tag has :sc1yos1:such beauty:sc1yos1:

But, I know what miko looks like crimson. And I'm not telling =p


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It's been like 2 years since my last photo upload to here, I think it was the one Emo took from Evo2k9. Anyways, here's my updated ugly mug. Big ups to T_T for recognizing me at WCW3