A Game You Cannot Beat Me In


[09] Warrior
A game that you can never beat me in, because you still don't know it - like I do.

As we sit here and wait for Project Soul's next move, and SCV dwindles away. It's time for another story. Be careful children this is where it gets dark.
I'd like to call this - "The Invasion of 8Wayrun".

This begins all the way back to SC IV times. I believe it was before i had an calling to slaughter people with my main 2-sworded, white-armored Yoshimitsu. A man chats about his experience in a 8wr lobby. by memory it wasn't a recommendation. Of course at the time I was clueless that this even existed in sc4. I listened to him that day, and to this day I don't remember exactly what he said. I thought nothing of it for the longest time. Time passes, I settle my rivalry with the other Yoshi, I grow hungry and unsatisfied. Very few remember me in SC4 ask around, look in my Frndlist, many have forgotten. (I have forgotten those few) Sadly CNX is one of them. Thanks to him he is the only person i can remember besides rick. I slaughtered people for 2 years. (I didn't just play sciv like a zombie) It was probably second pick.

Coming into scv with consecutive years of sciv experience is what gave me a grand head-start versus my first few hundred victims, who's name i don't remember and are not important at the moment.
Here we are scv, damage is crazy, Asia is ahead, there's different GI mechanic, and a f***ing super meter. Sure I didn't have a main anymore, lost to some new Astaroths, (threw away some matches "till this day"). 10:1 ratio in first weak not bad eh? A few months later several thousand victories later just as i'm about to say f*** it, I don't have A main. A man brings up the name 8wayrun again. I heard the name before, could this be the same man chatting about it long ago?

-To Be Continued!
Did it seem odd that I never posted in the new member arena? What was my grandest entrance? I am still guiding this missile. You know me as the being that stated - "I am ___ than these ___ you have ranked here." Arrogance... Do you have it? Is it a false one? My success in rivalries in the past series have turned me into killing machine. I will cancel out your arrogance in the presence of me, the man seeking challenge.

As more and more people started to become A1 I started my own campaign of a game, trying to show them the difference between a real A1 versus the ones that got there with no discipline. The weaker non-skilled A would land in sessions and become an easy target for the arrogant. With that continued pattern, the arrogance quickly spread. Get where i'm going with this? NO YOU DON'T. When i join a session and they think it's going to be easy - that gets annoying! Soon as i quickly picked up Kilik to face my so called other A ranks, I searched for them and showed them, "this is what an A1 looks like", as I was victorious with multiple styles. With my attempt to correct the wrongs, I started a thread - "Why Do You/I Fight?" As I watched it, I came to the conclusion that is a used quote - "You Don't have Enough Hate." I believe this is where my sharigan starts to kick in, lmao.

When I say, I planned it all how does it make you feel? This is only part the Enlightenment my test subjects.
-To Be Continued. Next:[The Pain Train]