Aeon Tech Trap Discussion


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Hey guys, was just experimenting with 6B BE followups and I came across some really interesting information that might be new.

6B BE → 66B is a natural combo that does 78-79 damage and seems to be the best follow-up for 6B BE in any situation (including setups like 4A, 4B CH, and WR K CH). The timing is a bit strict and can vary, however. If they don't tech then the 66B needs to be a bit more delayed to reach/hit than if they do tech.

But if they do tech, with precise timing by delaying the 66B as much as possible, you can catch all directions with the 66B and actually re-launch for full 66B and SW K damage. This can net you around 70 extra damage after a 6B BE from a simple tech trap that can hit all directions and has no risk because it will still hit if they don't tech for less damage.

An example of this implemented:
4A → 6B BE → 66B* → SW K -- 156 front, 153 back, 155 right, 153 left, 96 no tech
* - opponent most tech for combo to continue

All of my information was gathered from smacking around a Patroklos, so any character specificity is unknown - though quite unlikely. This setup is also more safe, consistent and rewarding than the 66K followup that jansauer mentioned above AND the 66A followup Freaky mentioned earlier in this thread.

inb4 reptile knew all along


[14] Master
Inconsistent at best for launching the side techs. This also requires 6B BE to hit from a specific range. If you're too close it'll launch them too far back.

It could be useful in a corner where their teching distances are restricted, but mid-field it's just too inconsistent. Test it against a right-teching Pyrrha on an infinite stage if you don't believe me.


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Quite certain you can get the natural combo after doing the 6B BE from any distance as long as it launches them behind you, but can't confirm this. The tech trap is a bit tricky with spacing and timing though, especially since these both vary a bit depending on how they tech, so it's a bit of a guessing game. You're usually at the ideal distance when you get the setups for 6B BE anyways, so some slightly bad spacing can usually be compromised with precise timing.

The tech trap is definitely difficult in certain situations like you mentioned, but if you throw the 66B out a tiny bit earlier than later, you'd likely land the 78 damage combo and be safe instead of hitting their guard with a 66B and missing out on the ~13 dmg and being in an unsafe position.

I think it's worth going for, despite it being a bit inconsistent it still seems to beat out other options after 6B BE. I guess if you want to play it safe, you could just do a 6B BE → B natural combo for a bit of extra damage and then go for oki, but it's hard to pass on the opportunity to get 150 damage for only one stock despite how gimmicky the setup might be.


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You're not a good aeon player unless you know the names of your moves

Same goes for Algol lol


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And no Mr.MeatHook, read the wall of text I just posted above

Particularly the part where I mentioned "6B BE → 66B is a natural combo"


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delay 3B (90) FBL
delay BBB (77) FBR
44BAA (68) FBR

Useless but fun.

EDIT: Also 8B+K tech traps FBL after tip range 1A. 8B+K hits at tip but won't give 44K combo. WR B tech trap and 44BAA combo work as normal.


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CE tech traps all but back for 105 after just the last hit of BBB lands.
2A works on all but back also for 42 damage.
2K combos for 40 if and only if the opponent doesn't tech.

Both tech trap all when the opponent's back is to an edge or a wall.


[14] Master
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → 6[K] (143) TT FBL
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → 66A+B (91)
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → 44BAA (104)
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → 44K (94)
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → Delayed 44K (104)
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → Delayed 66B (134) TT FBL + OTG
33B → BT B+K → 8B+K (FDHT splat) → Delayed WR B (140 with combo) TT ALL + OTG
WR B → 8B+K → Delayed WR B (134) TT ALL + OTG
WR B → 8B+K → 44[A] (137) TT ALL

Good luck getting these though, they require hitting a BT opponent generally. Still, hilarious for NM CE punishes.


[14] Master
33B → G → 9B (62) gives
→ 66K (105 damage, tech trap FLR)
→ 3A (84 damage, tech trap FLR)
→ CE (136 damage, tech trap FL)
→ 2K (72 damage, dead trap + tech trap FLR)

Only seems to work when the 9B hits close to the opponent, such as after a tip range 33B hit. Potentially useful when there's a wall to your back and you don't want to deal with 44BAA's bullshit wonkiness for tech traps.