Anyone knows how to do the Critical Edge Moves?


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That. I've been looking for them but all I find is videos of people doing it and threads of people complaining about how hard it is to perform them... but not the actual move list...


WR B, NSS A+B, GS KK, W!, 4KK, 33B, GSB
Check the movelist for each character, they all have it listed in the pause menu move list.


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Oohh... How couldn't I see that!? Thanks!
Now I got some work to do...


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There's as tiny bit of timing involved, but for most characters you can mash the second part and get it every time.


Valide Kösem Sultan
It's Easy!
It depends on the character,each character is a bit diffrent from the other!
But they all start with :A::+::B::+::K:!
For Example,
Taki :sc1tak1: : :A::+::B::+::K: :2::8::B::+::K:!
Siegfried :sc4sig1: : :A::+::B::+::K: :6::2::3::B::+::K:!


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CEs are simple enough to perform. Two part process, beginning with pressing A+B+K and making the blow connect, the other part being inputting the follow-up command on the final blow of the initial combo. The rest is timing and practice. It definitely isn't the hardest thing to pull off in a fighting game, and they're damned awesome when you do.


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These things, I remember them well, would make for one hell of a rush trying to pull one online if they still used it.
I could do seoung mina's all the time, other characters had me though, its all about timing!


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They were pretty simple. Setting A+B+K to a button would be easier. I accidentally peformed my first by button mashing believe it or not. Voldo's is a good one to use if you're tryin to get used to them.