Apprentice GI Discussion


[08] Mercenary
Apprentice really benefits from GI. He doesn't have a ton of TJ/TC options and frame traps to maintain advantage, so it's definitely worthwhile to GI with him IMO. Here are the options I go for off of a successful repel:


Advantages: Unduckable, unguardable, difficult to re-GI, 55 dmg + good wakes (A+G throw)
Disadvantages: Breakable

Advantages: Can't be blocked after GI, RO's well, 2B combos afterwards, or 2A+B tech traps (30~90 dmg)
Disadvantages: Low base damage potential, re-GI'able (it does hit at the very end of the vulnerability window though)

Advantages: Huge damage potential (minimum ~70 dmg), beats immediate re-GI attempts, low, safe on guard
Disadvantages: Can be jumped, doesn't force the opponent to re-GI

If 66A+B~A+B didn't cost 30% force and whiff randomly post-GI, I'd use that. I'd also use 3B if it didn't whiff randomly post-GI against smaller characters too.


B,B, 6G - Your options are somewhat limited after B,B getting blocked (sidestepping is very risky at -8 in SC4), but GI is a viable option here.
44A, 6G - This attack side turns the opponent on block and leaves you at the ideal negative frames to GI after.
44K, 3G - Your opponent will be FC after blocking this slow low, so the majority of immediate counter-attacks will likely be mid or low here (wsB, fcK, etc.)

(Most of Apprentice's attacks that force crouch on block (very good for GI'ing) don't leave him at the right frames or range to make GI attempts fool-proof, but if you think your timing is good, then 66B+K fits the bill there.)

Normal Hit
fcK, 6G - Smart opponents will know you're at negative when you connect this low and will try to interrupt, so turn the tables with a GI.

Neutral Scenario
Getting zoned by slow long-range attacks, 4G - You gain back some Soul Gauge and you get an opportunity to close ground
Wall on right side, 4G - App gets CH 6B, 3B or CH B+K, B, 6B, 3B off of wall splat from 4G (80+ dmg)

I'm sure there's some stuff I've missed or never thought of, so it'd be cool to hear about what other Apprentice players think of his GI game.


[08] Mercenary
Excellent stuff here WhiteRob! I've never had the chance to sit down and study his post-GI game but have desperately been trying to figure out what works and what baits.