Assassin Match-Up Discussion Thread


[08] Mercenary
1A or 1B can often help get under some stuff too. But yeah, Assassin has a tough time approaching her and also has a tough time dealing with high pressure characters. For Ivy, just remember that there's no guard breaks or meter in scII, so you can be way more patient approaching Ivy. You can also move while guarding a bit, which can help a little. Just don't be hasty and lose a substantial life lead, which will promote her to zone you out more. When you do get in with some pokes, it's best to put pressure on her in around your 3B range, which makes her both very hesitant to grab, and also hesitant to use her unsafe zoning moves. Mixing up between Assassin's good pokes like 3A and his grabs, you can avoid some of her most dangerous stuff. Just be sure not to do obvious strings like 3AAB or 2AB and get guard-impacted for free! Hope that helps a bit