Assorted Interviews From Bar Battles #2

Along with all of the hype and madness that was going on this past Saturday at Philadelphia Bar Battles #2, there was also two media producers that specialize in covering the fighting game community, who conducted interviews after the completion of the Soulcalibur V tournament.

Please check after the break to see interviews with BrewtusBibulus, FightClubHuBBs, and Kayane by Hold Back To Block TV and PTB Productions.

Hold Back To Block TV Interviews:

PTB Productions Interviews:

Bar Battles 2 SCV Playlist:

Jaxel's Bar Battles #2 Playlist:
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Make sure you also check out their YouTube channels for interviews from ECT4 as well. These Philly tournaments are too much fun.
There were events in NY, but they lasted a week. Philly aint that far for an event that's a bi-monthly. Plenty of people from NY and from Delaware and Maryland came through.
Man, I don't understand why people would be all up on Kayane like that, I mean, yeah, she's a good player, but you should probably be treating her like any other player, since if someone gave her problems, Keev'd come devour that soul. Just saiyan.
Last time I met Kayane, I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek without doing anything.

Get the fuck on my level.
Hahahahahahahahah. I never say it, and I never shall again, but I gotta throw it out there.


Alright, Imma jump off that bridge now. That shit's awful.