Astaroth Combo Thread


[09] Warrior
Thanks @Zig21 ! I'd like to add a few things!

1) You can always do CH 6B ~ 6632[K] ~ 22B so 22[K] is technically never out of range. 6632[K] however, can still miss if AB (2nd hit CH only) hits at max range.
2) Any time you hit chain B6B in a wall combo, you can follow up with PT. Timing is a bit tight if B6B splats high instead of super high, however this is useful if you already used up the crumple fall stun earlier in the combo. Example: CH 6B ~ 2B+K4A+G ~ W! ~ B6B ~ W! ~ PT. You can substitute PT with 66A(B) but I find that way less consistent.
3) When you hit 22[K] quake stun/low attack at max range, only 66K and BB will be in range.
4) If you hit 22[K] quake at far range or closer, 1KA is a great RO/wall splat option.