Astaroth Techtraps


[08] Mercenary
Some I know of right off are 4B/ ~ 2A/B+G, 4A+B ~ 2A/B+G, 623B+G ~ 66k.

What are some other ones? Particularly some off 214A? Thank you!


[09] Warrior
i just copyed n pasted


a+g air throw, 2a+g_b+g
CH 4b_4, 2a+g_b+g
63214b+g, 22_88k
63214b+g, 66[k]
66[k], 66[k]
2, 2a+g_b+g
4a+b, 2a+g_b+g
44k, 2a+g_b+g (near wall)
44b, 2a+g_b+g
WRa, 2a+g_b+g (near wall)
8_9b, 2a+g_b+g (near wall)
22k, 2a+g_b+g
6[b+k], 2a+g_b+g (delay)
CH 6k, 2a+g_b+g (delay)
CH 6b+k, 2a+g_b+g (near wall)
1a, 2a+g_b+g (near wall, delay)
ch 66b, 3a+b_b+g (on knockdown)
ch 2b+k, 2a+g_b+g
66[k], 3a+b_b+g (on knockdown)
CH 6b+k, 66a (will catch all but right)


[14] Master
If you hit a downed opponent with 22[K] you can tech them with 22B.

A good way to combo into this is CH 3A, 6B, 22[K], 22B or 44[A]/22[K](non hit), AB, 22[K], 22B.

-note- This is not really a tech trap but it's not really a combo either so I'm not sure what to call it. I don't wanna call it a string since the moves are unavoidable if done properly even though the 22[K], 22B at the end doesn't technically combo.


[09] Warrior
don't forget that CH 3A is shakeable ...

BTW the most well known way to land 22[K] is B command throw, 22[K], 22B
it will only land on a player that doesn't know about it though (or isn't very focused ^^), because it's pretty slow, therefore very visible


[10] Knight
The tech window after the B command throw is fairly tight however so it still works reasonably well. I haven't had anyone get out of 22[K]/PT mix-up consistently enough to come to the conclusion that they can "see" it.


[09] Warrior
how can u not see someone doing a fully charged 22[K]??? well we play asta... so maybe i'm familiar with him... but it is pretty damn slow... surprisingly even good players fall for it once in a while... if i want a tech trap after B throw i just 66[K]...


[10] Knight
66[K] is by far the easier one to see, I tried to tech/no tech on reaction to a number of combinations in practice and 22[K]/PT was the hardest one that dealt worthwhile damage

/edit/ In the end you see people get hit by 44 after B Command throw, so there is clearly a lot of abuse that needs to be done out there before the community on average is able to react properly.


[09] Warrior
CH WR K and CH 6K thats all I know and I wouldn't recommend 214A after CH 6K online since it gotta be timed.


[09] Warrior
Last hit is the tech trap...
CH BT B+K, G~turn, 214A, T!
CH BT B+K, G~turn, 22[K], T!
CH 6B, 66[K], T!
CH 6B, 1[A]A, T!
CH 6B, 1[A]B, T!
CH 6B, 1[A]B (GSTN), 22B4*22B, T!
22[K] (GSTN), 214A, T! (needs a slight delay)
22[K] (GSTN), 66[K], T!
22*88B, 44B (is sort of a force block but hits grounded opponents)
44, 66K (1/5 charge), T!
44 (GSTN), 22B, T!
66[K] (far range), 66K T!
66[K] (far range), 2A+G*2B+G, T!
CH 6K, 22B, T!
63214:B+G, 3[A+B], T!
Have fun with these and the other ones posted...
Yeah 66[K] is great after the command throw B+G grab, but if they stay down 22[K] could work, the fully charged version is only around 6 frame slower or so, when charged it's a SM attack, when not charged it's a Mid, some people know that and block low because of the QSTN, but if you don't charge the 22K they get struck down by the original version because they might be blocking low anyway, there are more tech traps after that like low throws, and if the opponent techs up into the backround I found it's a bit harder to block the QSTN on wakeup and that might be a habbit for some people... The QSTN is -4 or so on Grd. so nothing to fear...


[09] Warrior
With Rock, after 44K hits a DWN opponent (near a wall) 2A+G*2B+G is a tech trap... Is the same true for Asta, I'll have to find out...
I was fooling around in Training trying to find new tech traps with Asta, I don't know if this has been posted but:
CH 6B+K*6[B+K], 1B - Catches All I think, and hits grounded...
It does 27 damage and keeps the opponent in Asta's comfort zone if they tech backwards after, if they tech sideways you can Dash in and grab, etc...