Auto GI


[09] Warrior
Does the auto GI catch 2A as a general rule? What's the properties of it? I didn't find it here on the board.

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
Yeah mid, special low, that are weapon attacks only. Doesnt work against K's and is completly useless against Devil Jin

as far as the frames go, No one has tested it yet. The active frames for the GI window is pretty huge tho. Id guess active frames start at 11 or 12


[10] Knight
Does it catch thrusts or has it still got that trademark weakness of a lot of mid GIs?


[10] Knight
That's a kick in the teeth. I normally use Alpha in this matchup but I was thinking I could just stab everything with Pyrrha. Ah well, it doesn't matter really.