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I not only streamed the SC, but I communicate with other streamers.
Some time ago, my suggestion not to remake the Yoshimitsu in the new game caused a real hateblast.
But out of 30 of my familiar streamers, who constantly or periodically streams this game, only 4 play for the Yoshi as a side hero. None of them use the Yoshi as the main character.
The main reason for the discontent of beginners and medium players is the large number of just inputs required for a good game for the Yoshi.
Professional players do not like the Yoshi because of its high demands on the quality of the Internet. Lag during the just input is bad, the lag during the Shark Combo or Ninjacopter threatens to ring-out, lag during Mr Hara-kiri ... without comment.
In offline games, the Yoshi has no chance against the Viola Cervantes(with 3 iGDR aka "triple torpedoes") and aPat.
For the above reasons, Yoshi is one of the most unpopular SC5 chars. However, my proposal not to remake it caused a real sh*tblast
But from what I'm a$$burning most of all - I checked the PSN profiles of several people who were barking at me. One of them has Yoshi 5% use, three others do not play for him at all. Another of my enemies, the last time played this game three years ago.
Why are people such pieces of tra$h?


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I don't believe Yoshi is one the less used characters. Other characters I see a lot less online are Hilde, Xiba, Tira, and even Aeon.