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you can swap G and B+G on default pad controls so u can block while charging. plus this doesnt affect playing other characters. you have to grab with the A button (B+G) while charging A attacks, but it's managable like using A or B attacks while charging A or B. Though I dont know if theres a way to make K attacks easier while charging without affecting other characters. you have to claw ur index finger to kick while charging. Any solutions that dont handicap another control?


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First post!

I find it interesting I went such a different route on my pad. I also learned to play other characters with this setup.

R1: G
X: A
Square: B
Circle: K
Triangle: B+K
L1: A+B+K
L2: B+G
R2: A+G

Note: This setup requires the ability for thumb to side rock to Circle to use kicks while charging A and B or just A. If wanting to kick while just charging B, then thumb can swing around and rock on triangle (rarely use unless trying to mix-up while charging C4B).

-Charging A and B only requires one thumb placement over X and square. This allows a rocking motion back and forth to release one charge and hold the other.
-R1 as Guard is very handy, because the finger is always there ready to block or cancel charges.
-A+B moves are a cinch.

-It took getting used to my thumb side-rocking to hit circle while depressing x and square. My thumb got sore learning this. It works well now!
-Giving B+K it's own key assignment is not as useful in SCV as in SCiV due to how hard it is to B+K AT anyone in the air now. I still use it for 2B+K and rare B+K stun. For playing other characters, though, the key assignment is necessary.

I doubt anyone will use this bind, but it's fun to compare. I am actually getting a Hit Box (stick-less arcade stick) soon, and will be learning to play all over again. :[


[09] Warrior
I had no experience with Hilde in SC4, but I'm interested in maining her in SC5. After reworking my control scheme to compensate, I discovered that I'm loving the result with pretty much anyone on the roster. This is with a 360 controller (yeah, I know, but it's what is always available to play on in this area) and the binds are as follows:

Button - Action
LB - A
RB - B
LT & RT - A+B+K
A - G
X - K
Y - A+G
B - B+G

In words: horizontal and vertical are on the shoulders while the four face buttons are guard, kick, and the two grabs; the triggers are for easy edge commands. Thing is, I'm bad at this game. It feels good to me, aside from the difficulty of reprogramming my old reflexes, but I was curious if there are technical reasons why the above control scheme is bad (especially regarding Hilde).

I use a similar setup too. No one answered his question and I'm also wondering if the pros feel there could be potential problems with this setup.

LB - A
RB - B
LT - A+G
RT - B+G
A - G
X - K
Y - A+B
B - B+K

Having my thumb rested over G and K and my fingers over A and B is invaluable to me.


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The only shoulder button I use is L1

A|B|X|Y are all default, L1 is A+B+K. (You need to remove binds from R2 as the pad is rested, will get used by accident)

Pad is held down on a surface like my leg and right-hand forms a 'claw' of sorts over the buttons.

Works well for me, been using the same setup since SCIV other than L1 was used for B+G as A+B+K had no purpose.
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