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Rex Dart

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What changes would you like to see to Taki? What would it take to make her top-tier, strong, or just decent?

I don't know how much impact these changes would have, but these are my top three wishes:
  1. A low out of PO. Or a low out of PO B+K. I'd be fine if they just copied the animation from her jump A.
  2. The return of her unblockable bomb.
  3. Give her 2_8WO side step properties. Make it decent for evading something.


You are in too deep!
1)Bring back AB~PO
2)A low from PO
3)Bring back 4A+B,B (That's the notation iirc, the double bomb)
4)Cancelable Exorcism.
5)Bring back HO A.
6)More PO transmissions from moves like AA, maybe 6B.

I don't really see it necessary to bring back her unblockable bomb, but i wouldn't be mad if it did lol.


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Even though I do think Yoshimitsu is hella fun and a very complete character I do want his 4AAAAA, WC 1AAAAA and his WC 1KKKKK to have just frames with recovery at the end of it.


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Make PO throws a real mix up.
At the moment all 3 PO throws can be broken with the same input >:[

Also please fix hitbox issues like the second part of 66AA automatically whiffing when started at tip range, SC 6ABBBB on side hit not launching high enough for air grab, 22_88B not launching and partially whiffing on side hit... Stuff like that.

And a bit more damage in general would be nice.
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1) Cancel EXC. It's so much easier to step now, seeing as that's the case cancelling it is fair.
2) AA A+B not being locked behind SC, allow for AB A+B as well ala SCII.
3) PO 2K being her low from SCII. PO 8K can remain her flip kick.
4) AB~PO

Rex Dart

[11] Champion
So these are the buffs we actually got:

I'm curious about the changes to SC 6A+B. It's a cool move and I'd enjoy it being more useful. PO 6A being safer sounds nice. An improved 3B could be the best buff she received.

But overall, I'm not sure if these changes will significantly improve Taki's tier placement.