Can someone give me a specific example of yomi layer 4?


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Hey everyone,

So, I don't know if I fully grasp the concept of yomi higher than level 3. (or really if I get it at all). Here's what I'm thinking, using mitsu as an example:
Layer 1: Run up and do 2kb a lot
Layer 2: Once they start ducking, run up and do 3b or 1b or something.
Layer 3: Mix them up off layer 1 and 2
Layer 4: ??????

So, anyway, can someone give me an example? It seems every time I find an explanation of the concept, it's abstract, and not using an actual soulcalibur example. Did I even get the part I've written correct?

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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there is only 3 layers of Yomi if I remember correctly...

Layer 1: you knew what he would do.
Layer 2: he knew that you knew.
Layer 3: you know that he knows that you know what he will do

then, simply go back to layer 1....that's the loop.


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No this is what you do.

Step one: Run up and 2kb a lot
Step two: Once he's frosty run up and grab.
Step three: Realise you're a mong.