Cass combo thread


[10] Knight
So I've found that most any launcher Cass initiates can be followed up with a Divine Force combo. So this means that things like 6BA+B, 2BA+B, among others are really good for simple combos with a lot of damage applied for what is really simple combos.
I'd agree.

In my (extensive) testing, the best uses for DF to get more damage are either using DF 6BA+B for max damage, or using DF 1A+B after hard knockdowns (e.g. 4K or 214K in a combo) to relaunch into iWS B for a combo extension.

DF 2BA+B (can be AC'd if used mid combo) and DF 236AA+B (never better damage than DF 6BA+B) are generally not worth using.