Cassandra Frame Data Discussion Thread


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Please use this thread to discuss Cassandra's frame data for Soulcalibur II.

The Frame Data can be found in this sticky here. [Not completed yet]


[10] Knight
Cassandra's Auto GI:
4A ~ High-Mid horizontal moves and throws. GI frames: 5th-10th
4B ~ High-Mid vertical moves and throws. GI frames: 5th-10th
FC3B ~ Over-head vertical moves only. GI frames: 4th-7th
214G ~ High-Mid vertical moves and throws:
214(2nd)G ~ GI frames: 20th-28th
214(18th)G ~ GI frames: 4th-12th
214(36th)G ~ GI frames: 1st-9th

Cassandra's Tech-frames:

1A - TC (19th-end)
66A - TC (6th-15th)
11A - TJ (9th-24th)
WS A - No TC
WS[A] - TC (1st-41th)
8A - TJ (2nd-30th)

B6(i17) - TC (6th-15th)
44B - TC (9th-24th)
11B - TC (6th-50th)
22B - TC (9th-42nd)
44bA - No TC
8B - TJ (2nd-30th)

1K - TJ (17th-21st)
44K - TC (4th-10th)
33K - No TJ
7K - TJ (14th-Landed)
8K - TJ (11th-25th)
G8K - TJ (2nd-30th)
WSK - TC (1st-10th) / No TJ

A+B - TJ (19th-25th)
3A+B - TC (7th-18th)
8A+B - TJ (14th-37th)
B+K - TJ (12th-24th) with TSS

236 - TC (6th-12th)(1 frame in 13th can guard)
236A - TC (1st-14th) with TJ(after impact frame)
236K - TC (5th-24th)

Unreliable Tech-Crouch:
2B - UTC(6th-12th)
236B - UTC (6th-12th)
66K - UTC (4th-8th)

TC = Tech-Crouch
TJ = Tech-Jump
TSS = Tech-Side-Step
UTC = Unreliable Tech-Crouch - It can duck specific high and throw sometimes such as Raphael's, Kilik's and Mina's throw and Ivy's A.
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