Cassandra Omnibus Reference (Frame Data & Combos)


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Hello Cassie Players!

A few of us have gotten together in the Discords to combine ALL of our Cassie information together in one place.

This is a living document that will continue to be updated over time. It currently contains:

  • Detailed Movelist & Frame Data
  • Combos (NC/NCC/Normal/Counter)
  • LH Combos

and will soon also include:

  • Wall Combos
  • Tech Traps
  • ...and more!

The idea is for this document to serve as your "one stop shop" for your Cassandra tech needs.

Here's the link where you can go and see our project for yourselves:

SC6 - Cassandra Omnibus

I hope everyone finds it useful!


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Heads up that some significant updates have been made, including the following new sections:

Guard Breaks - Guard breaking moves, damage scaling, and optimal guaranteed follow ups
RE Safe / Anti-RE tech - This needs some work on the formatting, but the data contained has all been tested and should be quite valuable. Props to Pasta for all of their help on this part of the project!


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Newly added:

Frame properties for aGIs, TC, and TJ moves. Lots of interesting stuff to learn there.

Did you know 4K is a TC from i4? Or that 44B is a TC from i6? Take a look at the "Notes" column of the movelist & frame data tab of the sheet for details on specific frame properties of these moves.


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Hi! I'm so hyped about Cassandra. And I look forward to the completion of the Omnibus. I especially look forward to tech traps. Thanks for arranging for it!