CEO 2014 Results

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Congrats to the placers, to Jebailey for putting on another amazing event, and to FunkyP for streaming.

TS420S | JTD
White Phox
Drake Aldan
Party Wolf
IV Wind



[14] Master
First video
37:48 Drake Aldan (Patroklos) vs White Phox (Viola)
51:52 FIME (Voldo) vs Party Wolf (Xiba)
1:03:10 Drake Aldan (Patroklos) vs WindofMitsu (Mitsurugi)

Second video
00:00 Drake Aldan (Patroklos) vs WindofMitsu (Mitsurugi) (continued)
30:31 Jimbonator (Ezio) vs Party Wolf (Xiba)
45:57 FIME (Nightmare) vs White Phox (Viola, Leixia)
55:18 Jimbonator (Ezio) vs Drake Aldan (Patroklos)
1:04:41 Jimbonator (Ezio) vs White Phox (Viola)
1:14:00 Jimbonator (Ezio, Raphael) vs FIME (Voldo)


Teams tournament
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CEO was a good time. Only way it could've been better would've been without the stupid facebook dramatics beforehand.
I'd like to apologize for skipping the team tournament and just being a major bummer for the last two days of CEO. I had a god awful ear infection and couldn't concentrate or hear worth a damn. Honestly, if it had gotten worse one day earlier, I wouldn't have won, or even placed.

But I had a great time seeing everyone again, and meeting the new faces.

Time for shout outs!

@XxAnEpicGamerxX - Holy shit, you did it. You're finally moving up and getting recognized. Knocking both kab and jimbo into losers in that team toruney and making it out of pools in the double elimination is outstanding. I'm proud of you. Next year, I hope to see you in the finals.

@Suirad - I had a blast with you this weekend man. Thanks so much for letting us room with you and driving me to walgreens to get the medication for my ear. I enjoyed staying up till like 5 am talking about stupid SC glitches, even though I was basically in zombie mode the next day. Its amazing though, you never play, yet you're still solid as hell and have great reactions. Can't wait to hang with you again next year.

@Jimbonator - You're a cool guy to hang out with. Glad we actually got to play this time around. Oh, and sorry about your phone charger - I hope you managed to pick it up.

@Party Wolf - You were my #1 worry coming into this tourney. I can't stand the Xiba matchup, and you make him shine so well. And I couldn't have gotten as far as I did without your pad. Thanks for that, even though the days after the tourney, it started giving me shit loads of input errors. I dunno how I managed to use it so well in the tourney lol

Whitephox - First tourney, you get 3rd place? Good shit man! I play you online all the time and we always go back and forth. I knew you had tourney nerves and that if I respected you too much, it would've come down to the wire. For being only 15, you're damn good at the game. I hope to see you next year wrecking shit and placing higher.

@kAb - Man, it seems like we never get to play in a serious match. And we never get to play much casuals before one of us has to leave. I just thought about it, but haven't we had a $10 mm going on for like 3 years? We have to actually do that one day. Also, good shit on winning the team tourney with Jimbo man!

@WindofMitsu - Cool dude with a scary mitsu. You surprised the hell out of me, I was totally underestimating you at first. Never again! Dunno how I didn't get 2k BE'd back to back to back like everyone else you faced, but I was worried you were going to 50/50 me to death and put me in losers. Good shit though, and I hope to see you again next year.

@DrakeAldan - You're the most relaxed Pat I've ever seen, as well as one of the classiest players. Sucks we never got to play, but I'll be sure to hit you up on PSN.

Aftermath Legend - Keep rockin' Zwei man! You definitely have potential, and its about time someone made that character shine.

@Real_Bojack - Best cosplayer 2014.

I'm sure I might be forgetting someone. If so, i'm sorry. Thanks for coming and having a good time.

I hope to see everyone again next year!