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Hello friends,

I managed to play some spicy Zas this weekend at CEO and here are some general thoughts and impressions I've had about him and also to clear up some misconceptions.

Time stop.
Zas has a variety of means to give the opponent his time stop orbs which include.
6K on hit=i13 high that lethal hits on certain counter hit situations resulting in a knockdown.
3K on hit=Old B+K from 4. Quick mid.
B+KK on block or hit=This move can be charged as well. Higher length charges result in two curses on block. Fully charged version of this move is +13 which means you can 6K and get a full set.
Reversal Edge K on block.
Critical Edge on hit and block.
SC 2A+B on hit.

You have three moves in which to utilize your time stops. Maybe more, I could only find so much!
1B=old 2B+K from 4 or 1BB from 3. This seems very important because it opens up a threatening low without soul charge.
-1 orb=moderate advantage on hit
-2 orbs = +16ish. Meaning BB will combo from a 1B into skip.
-3 orbs = +25ish. 66A+B combos here and this probably isn't even the optimal follow up.

66A+B. This can either extend or create combos on hit or ensure safety of the move as it is still unsafe on block on its own. For example, hitting an opponent in the open and then time stopping results in bt B+K comboing.

Reversal Edge B. Could not test in time for orb breakdown but this move is booty without orbs. Trailer depicts A+B comboing so I mean it's probably free move list kind of stuff.

Q. Do orbs carry over in rounds?
A. No.

Q. Do you have to use all your orbs for a skip? Can't you do a level one skip here and a level two skip there?
A. Doesn't appear so. All or nothing.

Q. Any other additional effects of orbs?
A. None that we found.

Soul Charge.
Zas becomes very scary up close now with soul charge enabled and he wants you close. Here are his tools to be a pimpmaster G in close quarters.

New A+B. This is the Abyss A+B from sc3. Essentially, I SUCC you in from half screen or closer right to my feet and now I'm at + to mess you up which leads into..

1AB string - unseeable plus on hit low string that hits for 50ish damage. Its roughly +4.
3AKB string - didn't use this much but I mean it starts as a mid horizontal...
New A+G - this is the abyss command throw from 3. It hits for like 70. It hurts. You still have 4A+G for reverse ring outs as well.
Buffed 2A+B. This is B+K from Sc3 and it has an attack throw that puts the opponent on the other side.
22B extension. This also hits the opponent over your head. You can choose to bounce them back with bt B+K hold.

Lethal Hits
66B = Activated on backstep run counter.
6AB = First hit whiffs but second hit connects. Say they duck but stay ducking and the second hit connects.
6K = Attack counter activated. There seems to be an asterisk here because there's a criteria I can't find.
44K = This move now GIs weapon based lows. Successful gi nets you lethal hit.
A+B - Post GI opponent tries to GI back.
SC A+B - No idea what causes this or what it entails.

-Malleable kit. Keep away or up close? Both approaches work.
-Easy to reposition you and opponent with attacks.
-Hits like a truck off of time skip combo extensions.
-Critical Edge aGIs.
-String mix ups/reverse mix ups.

-Post 2A on hit I could not find an ideal move to enforce frames resulting in good risk reward. Immediate 50/50 exists with WRB or throw in a pinch but it is not a safe 50/50 to base offense on.
-I forsee Greeks giving him problems up close with speed and excellent punishment. He is still unsafe in a lot of the same spots.
-No quick easy option on backstep into whiff punish. His 3B lacks range.

This was off the top of my head so yes, not organized. Please ask questions!
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Thanks @Jimbonator for posting your video and all the info you found. I wanted to know does
b+kb GC even if you early realease?
WrK have any setups, is it safe?
Is 3k safe and will that and 6k curse oB?
Does a+g need JF timing.
Zas seems like he'll have a strong RO game.
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Yes to the B+KK. The move is already pretty slow on it's own.
WR K is now a quick gut kick as opposed to the rising roundhouse he used to have. Simply his quickest WR move.
Pimp hands as far as I know are safe but 6K and 3K only get orbs on hit, not block.
Not sure what you mean by A+G. If his soul charge throw, no. If his command throw, still no.

Also his ring out range on 4A+G definitely feels buffed
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I ment the follow up to the command throw from sc3 and the sc4 nergal jf. But ok no jf timing.


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I was hearing in interviews that JFs were gone, but it appears that Zas' old 4BBB is still a JF? Or is timing more relaxed than it used to be?

Also, i13 high punisher that adds a curse orb is amazing. Any high recovery attack (and that's a lot from Nightmare, Astaroth, Mitsurugi, and Maxi) gets a nice cursed punish from it.


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I was hearing in interviews that JFs were gone, but it appears that Zas' old 4BBB is still a JF? Or is timing more relaxed than it used to be?
4B still has a JF. It's a little different since the second hit comes out on counter hit automatically and you can't do it on normal hit.

Soul charge 22BB:B is also a thing