Cervantes Top Ten Moves


[14] Master

so i'll make a start, im not sure about the order, all are good.

1. 1aB variations. Insanely good wakeup tool, post GI etc. very hard to step the unblockable, releaseable any moment, short versions track like crazy. Safe.

1. 3A. Safe antistep, knd on CH. Fast. Cervys staple move.

2. 2A+B. Safe, forces into FC, ch gives lauch.

3. 1K Cervys best low like always. 1K hit into WS K pretty much uninterruptable. Leaves for nice mindgames since people will eventually either try to GI or just block.

4. WS K Really nice in this game, full tracking, good frames on ch.

5. AA Cervantes is not specifically fast char in this game, but his AA is i12. I feel like he needs this a lot.

6. 3B ( unfortunately -11 in this game ). After a stepped move, staple 3B 2A+B 33B combo....one of his major ways to get in damage. When you come from SC5 you will be disapponted though. No tip range launch etc. Unsafe against a few chars.

7. BB. Simply because it has very good range. BBB is never guaranteed in this game and super unsafe. Do not mash. But BB pokes are quite good.

8. Any BT A+B setup. As i said before they are super hard in this game but deal halflife more or less.

9. Maybe 3A+B for its TC properties. Its not TC the whole animation though, gives free AA on ch or mixup into throws etc. SAFE.

10. I really like 22B on close range. Its mid and if i remember correctly its his best move on Hit, giving +6 or +7? So free mixup afterwards.

Notable moves:

GDR. This move is actually usefull in this game, simply because it is SAFE. GDR2 or 8 catch stepping people quite well. I just go into DC from time to time and see if the opponent whiffs, since its safe its pretty low risk. SCl3 makes it unbloackable. Very delayable like everything out of DC.

kgk or 66kb is also nice but the execution takes a bit long plus quite easy to step. I dont find many ways to implement this right now, but of course its blockstun.

Compared to other chars Cervantes has no complete braindead retardness imo. But he has very good tools, deals great damage and has a nice step. Its a fun char to play but very simple and basic in this game. Not too fancy, not much SC stuff.


[08] Mercenary
Nice list doc !
I would add moves like 66K (especially on CH, guarantees 11_77B for 69dmg) instead of 22B, why ? I've never seen a single player use this move lol