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Shenandoah, Daughter of the Stars


Era: 1777 AD
Age: 17
Home: Land of the Hopi (Modern day north east Arizona, USA)
Heritage: Chief Priestess (Future), Keeper of the Star Shards (Earrings fabricated from pieces of Soul Calibur - a treasured heirloom of her people).
Role: Tragic heroine
Element: Holy
Combat Art: Memories imprinted by Soul Calibur of an legendary warrior deemed most suitable for her physical attributes and temperament. Rudimentary firearm training - inadequate for actual combat.

Daughter of Chief Pontiac of the Hopi, Shenandoah was groomed since birth to become the next Chief Priestess of her tribe. Finding her talents to be more physical than spiritual and a tomboy at heart, she could usually be found rough housing with the boys as often as memorizing the oral traditions of her people, much to the disapproval of her father. Inspired by the ancient tales of heroism and adventure, Shenandoah constantly badgered her father for training in the martial arts, even promising to redouble her efforts at priestess training if he agreed. Destiny, however, cannot be denied. Her latent spiritual power awakened and went out of control when she received the Star Shards during the coming of age ceremony on her 14th birthday. Briefly possessed by Soul Calibur, Shenandoah laid waste to her village in a whirlwind of madness and destruction. Only through the heroic sacrifice of her father was her rampage brought to a tragic end. Banished by her people, Shenandoah spent the next year aimlessly drifting through the American West, her memories of the incident suppressed by Soul Calibur so to preserve the sanity of its vessel. Taking pity on a lost lamp, she was taken in by a Puritan settlement and educated in the ways of the wider world. She learned of the settlers and their struggle for freedom from an oppressive king during this time. Her soul resonated with the colonists' cause, and she resolved to travel east and assist in this "Revolution" in whatever ways she can.

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[14] Master
Hi, i see a lot of views but no comments so let me welcome you and say your first CAS is not bad at all.
Face preset is perfect and there are some good bits here and there, like the choice for the legs, nunchuk is a cool blunt weapon choice imo, even though i might have picked talim 'stead.
Unfortunately, without reading the background story, albeit excellent by the way, your squaw (standalone) looks a bit generic/formulaic (ie. lack of details and partial use of ExEq, bland colors, absence of stickers...)
Also, the clipping on the last picture (on the right) makes her arm looks kinda weird :)

Again, welcome, and i liked your background story.


[08] Mercenary
On my behalf as well, you are most welcome to our humbly community :D! Apologies for commenting so late as I have been busy with other activities as well as reviewing other peoples CASs as well.

As for your CAS, I have to agree with most of what Vilarcane wrote. Your background story and information considering her are very impressive, I myself won´t bother to write that detailed background for my own CASs besides their certain details and concepts. So it´s always a delight to see how others like you have put effort to your CASs background. Unfortunately, like VC put it, she could use some much needed details, ExEqs, more livid and eyecatching colours etc.

Try also to upload the screenshots and images of your CASs in bigger, full scale in the future so it´s much more convenient for viewers to see your CASs without the need of opening them via separate link. Also, if you have time and will to it, you could also take some screenshot pictures of seeing your CASs in gameplay action on different stages so we could see how they look while playing them. You already have a good way of showing your creation from different angles, but why not to show screenshots of her doing different moves and poses :)?

You don´t need to learn and try getting all of these advices of mine right staight away. Take your time, experiment and try out with your own time and pace. This is a good first step for you entering into our community and I personally hope that you will post something new in the future :). Always a plus if you take learn from our feedback and suprise us ;).