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[14] Master
I feel like making a new fan fiction but to make things interesting, I'll put the decision in the hands of my fans. I have a few ideas and I'll let people choose one.

My first idea is "Xyerith Puny Stick". A tale of the weakest caveman to ever exist and his pathetic journey throughout the harsh world of mammoths and frozen tundra.

My second plan would be "Yojimbo the Legend Killer". A bitter and angry tale of a warrior on the path to form Yojimbonation. A loner at heart, he travels around defeating legendary warriors and stealing their women. He also breaks a lot of swords in the process, did I mention he's angry?

Another possibility would be "Alex.J : The True story of strippers and dragons". I feel like the title says it all.

And for the last possibility "Broserkers". A tale of two mighty Bersekers running around kicking ass and taking names.

If all of these ideas seem like hot garbage to you, feel free to click the last option and tell me an idea you want me to write about.


[10] Knight
I've seem some of "Xyerith Puny Stick" and let me tell you, it is indeed a riveting tale. This story will make you laugh, cry, and question the very fabric of your own being. A true epic.


CorrectDefense is back
Let's not sleep on the Alex J: True Story of Strippers and Dragons. There's no way a story could go wrong with strippers and dragons.