Crouching grab to crouching grab


[08] Mercenary
Okay so I think I'm probably just being really dumb and not noticing something, but I've been trying to use Xianghua more often and put her as one of my main players. I was looking at a combo video the other day and the guy did 2B+G :B+K, and right after it somehow shuffled up and was able to do another crouching grab right after. No matter how many times I try I can't seem to do it, as whenever I try, it doesn't connect with them. Please help! :)


that combo has extremely strict timing. the b+k JF is the easy part. as soon as she does it you have to triple tap and hold back to make her turn around and 8WR forward and then 2b+g.

really, there isn't any big secret. you just gotta turn around and dash in faster. i'd recommend using one of her many other options for damage off the 2b+g:b+k JF of taking the advantage and getting back in close. that combo has always been too wishy-washy to be worth it for me.


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Like lobo said, this combo has very strict timing. Try to buffer the forward dash just a little early, and then buffer the crouch grab a little early as well. It does take time but once you get used to the timing you just need to practice practice.

I think it might be more difficult against certain characters; try against Amy or X in training because I remember it being easier against them. It does much more damage (97) than all other options afetr 2B+G:B+K