Custom Characters: GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, Robocop, TMNT, X-Men, Street Fighter, and More!


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Hey all, just wanted to share some of the customs I've been working on. Enjoy!

Skeletor: I'd seen a few Skeletor designs floating around that used the Revenant race, but since the revenant can't be topless, the Skeletor design always had a cool head but a terrible body. I went the opposite direction by using a Colossus race. I was able to get the body I wanted, and then kind of cobbled together an acceptable head with stickers. Up close it looks pretty rough, but in an actual match it's pretty hard to tell.

Trapjaw: This one was a lot of fun, and is definitely the one I am most proud of! I got the "trapjaw" effect with a cube, a cylinder, and a sticker. Again, went with a Colossus body and used a green sticker for the face and a black sticker for the off-hand. A black crescent moon makes up the hook hand.

Cobra Commander: This was a tough one! The mask took forever to figure out, but I finally got the Heart accessory positioned just right. The Cobra emblem took the longest time. After trying all kinds of designs, I finally landed on this design, consisting of a sideways 0, sideways lips, and a blue Chinese character to delete the center area..

Baroness: Once I had the Cobra emblem worked out, Baroness was pretty straightforward. As easy as she was to make, I think she turned out great!

Destro: Destro was pretty straightforward to make. Just a Shapeshifter race with a some "Destro-ish" clothing. It was really just a matter of finding a piece of equipment that could add that red lapel. He looks a little more "monk-ish" than I would like, but hopefully they'll release some new armor better suited to his design.

Snake Eyes: For such a basic design, he was a bit tough to create. I ended up making him an all-black Colossus with the under-harness. I used 3 crescent moons to make his visor.

Stormshadow: For some reason I couldn't get the Cobra emblem to look good, so I had to mix it up a bit. Not too happy with it, but overall I'd say he turned out ok. I used white stickers for his head covering, along with the face mask armor piece.

Robocop: The hardest part was getting his "skin" to show up under his visor. I used a layerd sticker approach, with a black sticker covering his entire lower face, a "skin" sticker just above that, and then another black sticker to close off the chin. Black stickers also make up his gloves. Otherwise, he was pretty straightforward.

Magneto: Getting Magneto's helmet to look right was tough. I was able to kind of get that "T-shaped" visor look by putting a cylinder underneath the knight helmet. By tweaking the settings, it covered up his cheeks without clipping too badly through his face. Other than the helmet, the rest was pretty straightforward. I hope they release gloves that go fit him better, but otherwise I'm happy with the design.

Mystique: Not too much to say, here. The only issue was getting the tiny "skull" on her forehead. I just used the straight horn, flipped it backward (so the flat side faced forward), made it tiny, and stuck it in her head. I hate the demihuman marks on her body, but the regular human eyes never looked right, so it was a trade-off.

Juggernaut: Phew, this was a tough one! I'm still not totally happy with the results, but I think that's about as good as Juggernaut can look in this game. I experimented with a lot of designs, but all of the cloths cover up those bulging muscles. What good is Juggernaut without bulging muscles? So I ended up using stickers to handle his torso design. I couldn't get any sticker coverage on his legs, unfortunately, so I had to result to using that harness. The cylinders on his knuckles look a little weird, as do the snakes om his arms, but he needed his Cyttorak bands, dammit!

Omega Red: After toying with a few designs involving full bodysuits, none of them felt right. They all looked too much like Halloween costumes. So I went with the weird under-harness thing and filled in the torso with red stickers. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result. I wanted to use cylinders to add the weird little canisters he always has on his harness, but I couldn't make them small enough.

Shredder: I'm really happy with how this turned out! I went with the old TMNT cartoon design. At first I was sad that the top included a glove, it it actually turned out looking kind of badass. I used horns for his hand blades and a sticker on his ungloved hand as a "blade holder". For the mask, I added a metallic-looking texture to try to make it seem less like a cloth mask.

Gambit: I'm really proud of this one! I used a combination of makeup and stickers for the weird face/upper-chest cover and for the pink chest color. I added skin-colored stickers to some leather gloves to give him that fingerless glove feel. Everything else was pretty straightforward.

Colossus: Phew, this one was rough! I originally didn't think it would be possible, since the Shapeshifter can't have hair, but a few stickers turned out to look decent enough. Next came the classic lines that wrap around his body. I couldn't do it to his actual skin, but was able to achieve a decent effect on his harness. A yellow sticker covers his front and back, with red stickers filling in for his underoos. Like Juggernaut, it doesn't look totally great, but I think it's the closest you can get with the current limitations of customization.

I also made a version based on his appearance in the Deadpool movies.

Deadpool: This one took a bit of figuring-out. The final design is a little cartoony, but hey, it's Deadpool! I ended up going with a Colossus body to get that red tone, then just built on top of it with the harness and colored stickers. The mask is the rubber mask with 2 black stickers and 2 white stickers. I hit my sticker limit with this one!

Wolverine: This one was really tough and I hit my sticker limit! I used horns for the, um, pointy face flaps and stickers for the rest of the mask. I also had to use a skin-colored sticker for the mouth, since I used a dark brown skin color for the body. The color range on the harness is different than other pieces of equipment, so I had to go with that ugly mustard color. I then used stickers to make the pants totally yellow, plus a triangle sticker for the brown crotch. I would have liked to do some skin color on the arms, but oh well.

Psylocke: I wasn't sure this one would work out well, but I was really happy with the final result. Thanks to some behind-the-scenes magic, the game cuts off the legs of the rubber leotard suit when you add knee-high socks, which was just what I needed to make it look like Psylocke. The player card also turned out really well, along with her pink "physic" weapons!

Apocalypse: I really wasn't sure if this one will work, and I don't think it will be match-viable, as the arm rings will clip through, but otherwise, I think I pulled it off. It's tough to find a good representation of Apocalypse's color scheme; if you search on Google Images, every image seems to have different proportions of light blue, dark blue, and gray, so I just kind of mixed and matched.

Prometheus (DC Comics): If you're not familiar with Prometheus, he's basically the opposite of Batman. My design was based on this image. The visor looks a little janky. Hopefully they'll release a better helmet or face piece soon.

Taskmaster: I copied my Skeletor head, changed the hood to the cloak, slapped on some booty shorts and orange and white stickers and called it a day!

Black Manta: Wow, this was really a tricky one! He still looks way too goofy, but I think that's as good as you can get. Used the wide-brimmed hat with a turtle shell to make the head, with a white sticker on the head to make his "metal" neck. Used a human set to the blackest color. Crescent moons for the eyes, and some tabi socks to cover the toes.

Galactus: His head is made up of a cylinder, long horns, and helmet ornament: Flames, along with some pink stickers and thief mask over the face. I slapped a metallic sticker on his rubber unitard to give the vertical stripes. The rest was just coloring costume piece.

Doctor Octopus: He turned out way better than I had imagined. The only tricky part was adding the yellow stickers to the jumpsuit under his head and on his hips. I added the metallic pattern to the goggles to give them a reflective look.

Super Krang: Holy crap, I did not think this one would be possible at all! The skin-colored harness is definitely a bit much, but hey, you can totally tell who it's supposed to be! Krang is made up of a yellow sticker, a black sticker, a tribal sticker that looks like tentacles, and a sun-with-a-face sticker. Red triangle stickers were used for the sexy underoos, and pink stickers were used for the sexy legs. Turned out way better than I could have hoped for! Even the voice sounds like Krang!

Casey Jones: This one was really tough. I never could get the mask to look decent (he looks like Sting...). Everything else was pretty straightforward. Wish there was a better weapon for him to use.

Michelangelo: He turned out way better than I expected! Used a white upside-down heart sticker for the white eyes, a brown thin Chinese character for the elbow pads, a ring/cylinder combo for the belt, and a rounded rectangle/upside-down triangle combo for the tan front.

Doctor Doom: This was a tough one! That helmet took forever to get right, but I'm very happy with the result, especially the comic-accurate mouth. It consists of a sideways crescent moon with a pattern overlay. The rest of the helmet is the opera mask, a cylinder, and a ring, all on top of a silver Shapeshifter body. The eyes are a skin-colored Chinese character with eye stickers on top. The eye stickers actually map to the eye, which is really cool, meaning only 1 sticker was necessary to cover both eyes, and they move with the eyeballs.

Darth Maul: This one was pretty straightforward. Just made a jet black darksider with a red sticker on his face. Popped 3 sets of horns on his head, gave him all black robes, a red double-bladed lightsaber, and called it a day!

Deathstroke: This was a tough one, and I'm still not happy I couldn't cover his mouth, but oh well. Overall I think he turned out ok. Just a dark blue shapeshifter with an orange sticker and a black moon under his cybernetic eye.

Bebop: I've tried making Splinter, Rocksteady, and Bebop, and Bebop was the only one that really came out presentable. His nose is still super weird, but I think the rest of him came out great. I particularly love the slit glasses and turtle shell pauldrons.

Rocksteady: After plenty of heavy tweaking, I finally ended up with a face that is at least presentable. He looks a little like a baboon, but it'll have to do. The face his made up of two hearts with the reptile pattern; one horizontal heart for the snout and one vertical heart for the cheeks.
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