Dampierre Tech Trap Discussion - That...That Was Easy!


[10] Knight
I would like to see a good list of Tech Traps if anyone has got any, i believe i've found a couple though, just wondering if there are any more worth mentioning.

623B ~ WR K ~ 1K ~ FP B (116 Damage)
1K ~ FP B ~ PB B_A+G (142 Damage, Possibly more?)
3AA ~ FP B (83 Damage)
(Against Wall/Corner) 3AAA... ~ FP B ~ PB KK (?? Damage)


Alchemist of the Ages
I usually go with
623B~WR K~3K
623B~WR K~11K~2K or 2B

Not sure if those are good ones but its the ones that I know that werent already listed ^
Hopefully those two are ok xD