'DARK' Netfilx original German TV series (no spoilers)


[12] Conqueror
This show is captivating. I couldn't stop watching. The central idea of this show revolves around times travel, family secrets spanning 3 generations. It takes place in Winden, a small town powered by a Nuclear Power plant.

This show shares similarities to 'stranger things', as well as the original 'Twin Peaks'. It automatically plays a dubbed version, but I HIGHLY recommend you watch it in subtitles. You get to hear the real actor's inflection. Dubbing ruins this show, don't do it.

I discovered this show by accident one night when I was skimming Netflix, I was going to the bathroom and it started this intro. This intro alone is what made me intrigued about the show.

For those SCI-FI fans, this is a must watch.